Attic-clip van Fratellis en Pete

Op is een clip geplaatst van de bijdrage van The Fratellis aan "In The Attic". Het wordt voorafgegaan door een kleine clip waarin Pete en Rachel reclame maken voor het "Attic Jam"-album dat op 14 februari via iTunes gedownload kan worden.

De tracklisting:
1. The Kooks – "Ooh La"
2. Ed Harcourt – "Last Cigarette"
3. Martha Wainwright – "These Flowers"
4. Editors – "All Sparks"
5. Rachel Fuller – "Blue"
6. The Raconteurs (feat. Pete Townshend) – "The Seeker"
7. Death Cab For Cutie (feat. Pete Townshend) – "Photobooth"
8. Pete Townshend – "Acid Queen"
9. The Fratellis (feat. Pete Townshend) – "Got Ma Nuts from a Hippy"
10. The Magic Numbers – "Long Legs"
11. Regina Spektor – "Musicbox"
12. The Zutons (feat. Pete Townshend) – "Mary Anne with the Shaky Hands"
13. Simon Townshend – "Soul Searching"
14. The Flaming Lips (feat. Pete Townshend) – "Baba O’Riley"
15. Rose Hill Drive – "Brain Novocaine"
16. Razorlight – "What’s it All About"
17. Mikey Cuthbert – "Misery"
18. Foy Vance – "Homebird"
Bonus Track:
19. Pete Townshend – "A Quick One While He’s Away"


Jambase: "12 Questions with Pete Townshend"

Jambase heeft op hun site een interview met Pete geplaatst.

Enkele citaten:
"I feel most proud about managing to be a reasonably good father three times.  I am immensely proud of my three children" – op de vraag waar hij het meest trots op is.

"I am happiest today. I enjoy performing now. I have fun, and I amgenuinely pleased to see the people in the audience where once I feltthey were a burden to me. The best memories are the most recent,playing on tour in the USA in November" – over touren met The Who.

"When I suddenly got the idea to do a mini-opera based on my "The BoyWho Heard Music" story – which is in effect something of a fairy tale -I knew I was going to be able to reach the audience. John’s death, thelaw, none of this would inspire a song that would mean much of anythingexcept to me. I did write a song for John called "Old Red Wine" (heloved Claret) but it is not among my best" – over het schrijven van nieuw materiaal.

"Learning French" – over zijn toekomstplannen.

The Who speelt op Glastonbury

BBC meldt dat het zowat zeker is dat The Who op 24 juni op het Glastonbury Festival speelt. Organisator Michael Eavis zegt: "It’s not 100 per cent sorted, but if he’s [Pete] telling people he’s playing then we have to". Pete had de aankondiging eerder al op XFm gemaakt. Eavis voegt wel toe dat The Who niet "biggest band in the world" was die hij eerder had aangekondigd. Wie dat is, moet dus nog blijken…

Er gaan trouwens ook geruchten dat The Who in juli in Swansea (Wales) zal spelen.

Pete stippelt toekomst voor The Who uit

In een nieuw stukje op zijn website heeft Pete voorzichtig de toekomst voor The Who uitgestippeld. De eerste helft van 2007 is al volgepland, en er zullen nog wat Europese shows tussen mei en juli gepland worden. In de winter van 2007 gaat de band naar Japan, Australixc3xab en Hawaii. Ook wordt er een nieuwe fatsoenlijke Who-website gelanceerd, vermoedelijk later dit jaar.

Wat betreft een nieuwe Who plaat is er nog niks concreets, "but I will probably drift into it using the same process as last time and start work at home".

Over zijn optreden op het "Dear Mr Fantasy"-concert zondag schrijft hij:
"I performed No Face, No Name, No Number at the Jim Capaldi Tribute at the Roundhouse last Sunday, and very much enjoyed the evening. I played just this one song on my own, partly because I hadn’t had time to rehearse – I had two medicals and a recording session with Martha Wainwright that fell on the three days the other musicians were rehearsing. (By the way, I am supremely fit. I weigh a lot. Don’t get in my f**king way.)".

Vervolgens wordt Pete een beetje melig:
"As for the porn industry (and I warned you about them too) – forget the problems caused by High Definition, get on with developing the Virtual Sex Glove. Handjobs over the internet. No Aids. Thus no need for drugs. Most important, no need for women and priests with little knives clamouring to cut off the ends of pricks to make them ‘cleaner’. If the spread of Aids is reduced by circumcision I have another suggestion that might give us all a quieter life, cut them off completely.

"I believe my dogs talk to me. I grew up with cats as well as dogs, but – although I’m not an animal softy like my partner who models herself on Bridget Bardot in many ways and is equally gorgeous – one of my dogs told me yesterday that it was going to snow today. And it has, it looks beautiful and serenely pastoral in the valley below. All the local mothers are brazenly driving their 4 x 4 SUVs (apparently the direct cause of global warming and all road deaths, almost as dangerous as mobile phone chargers left plugged in overnight). I declare this Four by Four day. Give these proud, brave women medals. They knew they were right. Snow would come. They would be vindicated. Tomorrow, however, when the snows melt in the extreme heat of late January, they pay the 4 x 4 tax, or die. For I have heard Jarvis Cocker ‘Will Kill Again’. My dog knew all this was coming".

Backing tapes als download beschikbaar?

Pete zit te stoeien met het idee om de originele backing tapes van o.a. "Baba O’Riley", "Eminence Front" en "Won’t Get Fooled Again" vrij te geven voor bands.

"What a great idea. They should be in the public domain now. I have often thought of putting them up on a website so bands can work with them. I keep forgetting. To do these songs Live you need these elements, as they can’t easily be scored in the usual way. I’ll set about trying to do this as soon as get a chance", aldus Pete op de Whotour-site.

Pete speelt 1 nummer op Capaldi tribute

Gisteravond trad Pete op in The Roundhouse in Londen. Daar vond een concert plaats ter nagedachtenis aan oud-Traffic lid Jim Capaldi. Aan het concert, "Dear Mr Fantasy"getiteld (naar een van de bekendste albums van Traffic), deden naastPete ook o.a. Steve Winwood, Bill Wyman, Joe Walsh, Jon Lord (ex-DeepPurple), Gary Moore en Paul Weller mee.

Pete speelde slechts xc3xa9xc3xa9n nummer. Hij begeleidde zichzelf op 12-snarige gitaar en zong "No Face, No Name, No Number". Dit nummer speelde hij ook tijdens zijn allereerste solo-optreden in 1974 – eveneens in The Roundhouse.

"Pete Townshend: The Definitive Collection" op komst


Dinsdag wordt er in Amerika een nieuw verzamelalbum uitgebracht van Pete. Onder de titel "The Definitive Collection" telt het schijfje 17 tracks. Al eerder verscheen de dubbelaar "Gold", met 34 tracks.


1. Pure and Easy
2. Sheraton Gibson
3. Time Is Passing
4. Street in the City
5. My Baby Gives It Away
6. Misunderstood
7. Little Is Enough
8. Let My Love Open the Door
9. Rough Boys
10. Sea Refuses No River
11. Slit Skirts
12. Mary
13. Give Blood
14. Face the Face
15. Friend Is a Friend
16. I Am Afraid
17. English Boy

Te bestellen bij Amazon.

"Intriguing Lost Albums": Lifehouse

Onder de noemer "Eleven Intriguing Lost Albums" plaatst AV Club het "Lifehouse" project tussen onuitgebrachte albums van o.a. Bruce Springsteen, Beach Boys en Dave Davies.

"During The Who’s long Tommy tour, guitarist-songwriter Pete Townshend started noting the times when he’d launch into a powerful passage and the audience would respond almost meta-consciously. Inspired by that energyxe2x80″and some chemical additivesxe2x80″Townshend began to conceive of an elaborate film/rock-show/album that would convert audience members’ biorhythms into musical themes via  synthesizer. He concocted a hard-to-follow science-fiction story about underground rock ‘n’ roll temples in a dystopian future, and he wrote a few songs about "teenage wastelands," "the new boss," and how it feels to be a villain locked "behind blue eyes."

Unable to get his story across, and unable to realize his the-audience-becomes-the-band vision, Townshend let his bandmates bring him back from the brink of madness, and he reworked some of the music into standalone rock songs. The result was Who’s Next, widely considered one of the greatest rock albums of all time. But while the straightforward Who’s Next is likely more listenable than what Lifehouse would’ve been, the absence of songs which later turned up elsewherexe2x80″like "Pure And Easy" and "Mary"xe2x80″make Who’s Next feel incomplete in retrospect.

Townshend later tried reviving the Lifehouse project with a new set of songs, and he also commissioned a radio play, included on the box set The Lifehouse Chronicles, alongside a slew of demos. But since there’s no way to recreate the state of mind he was in more than 35 years ago, Lifehouse will remain an unrealized pipe dream"