Review "Amazing Journey" (DVD Talk)

SotwDVD Talk besteedt op haar website aandacht aan "Amazing Journey".

Enkele citaten:
"How exciting for me as a Who fan, then, that Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who has material that surprises even me. I’ve seen my fair share of Who profiles, watched compilation tapes and live DVDs, and yet Amazing Journey dusts off quite a few clips that I had not seen before. There are early, fiery performances as the High Numbers and footage of singer Roger Daltrey walking offstage when his band is too high on amphetamines to keep the proper tempo; there is also later footage of the first performances after the deaths of drummer Keith Moon and more recently bassist John Entwistle. Plus, so much more in between".

"This DVD is super-duper in terms of image quality. Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who was made to be seen widescreen, and the anamorphic transfer is at a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. It looks great, and the directors even thought ahead as far as the old footage. They created an unobtrusive, stylish frame for the fullscreen performance footage that allows them to integrate it into the newer widescreen material. Also, whenever possible, they cleaned up the archival items so they look brand new".

"Simply put, Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who rocks. The Who is one of the greatest bands of all-time, a rightful member of the original holy trinity of the British Invasion. Unlike the Beatles and the Stones, however, there was something incendiary about the Who, something dangerous. They were almost like both bands in one, a clear gang of four, bustling with creativity, and yet out on a rough-and-tumble edge. This fabulous documentary, along with its disc of six bonus films, tracks their remarkable career from humble beginnings through massive success and on into the twilight years. Rare performances and candid interviews give us a glimpse behind the curtain like never before. Highly Recommended"


"Amazing Journey" + "Best Buy Exclusive"

BbeDe Amerikaanse winkelketen Best Buy staat er om bekend om vaak bij releases een "exclusive" toe te voegen. Ook bij "Amazing Journey" zal dat het geval zijn. Wie de DVD bij deze winkelketen koopt, krijgt er een bonus-DVD bij: 90 minuten beeldmateriaal van het concert dat The Who in 1979 in Chicago gaf. Vier tracks van dit concert werden in 1994 uitgebracht op de DVD "30 Years Of Maximum R&B Live". De bonus-DVD zal slechts gedurende een beperkte periode beschikbaar zijn.

De Liverpool Echo heeft vandaag een terugblik op het concert dat The Who op 14 december 1971 in The Mountford Hall in Liverpool gaf.
"In the early 70s, I was working as a postman in Rock Ferry and would often get sent over to Liverpool to help at the sorting office. On my lunch break, I saw a postcard in a shop window in Whitechapel that declared: xe2x80x98The Who at Liverpool University, xc2xa31.xe2x80x99 I could hardly believe my luck. When I arrived at Mountford Hall with my girlfriend (now my wife), the place was packed to the rafters, but we squeezed to the front. When The Who came on stage, it was like having them play in your living room. Our ears were ringing for weeks afterwards. The audience were treated to future classics Wonxe2x80x99t Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes and Baba Oxe2x80x99Riley before they had even been released. I saw most of the music greats over the years xe2x80″ Jimi Hendrix, The Stones, The Doors xe2x80″ but The Who in the early 70s were in a different class as a live band. For the princely sum of xc2xa31, I had just experienced the greatest show of my life at a small concert venue in Liverpool.xe2x80x9d

Review "Amazing Journey" (LA Times)

LA Times heeft vandaag een recensie geplaatst over "Amazing Journey".

""Amazing Journey," (…) scants the music — it comes only in flashes. Yet it stills feels musical, visually — the Who dressed and moved as if to make it clear to even someone as deaf as Tommy (though not, of course, as blind) that this was rock. If I were going to try to sell someone on the greatness of the band, I would sooner send them to "The Kids Are Alright," Jeff Stein’s 1979 nonlinear film scrapbook, which — though it skips around in time and is short on information — better communicates the majesty of the band. But the new film fills in a lot of gaps.

Co-directors Paul Crowder and Murray Lerner concentrate on the talk. Pete Townshend, who in the past has strained to distance himself from rock ‘n’ roll and almost compulsively belittled bandmate Roger Daltrey, has relaĆ­ some. He is like a man who has quit struggling against his marriage — and has decided that this is his life and, all told, a good one. Indeed, "Amazing Journey" makes a case for the then-they-were-two Who as a band that deserves your continuing interest — something of a feat, given that you have just seen them at the height of their powers. For a band whose watchwords were aggression and chaos, their story in the end is surprisingly sweet and moving."

Roger zal de hoofdgast zijn in de talkshow van Conan O’Brien aanstaande woensdag (31 oktober). Op 13 november zal hij te gast zijn bij "The Late Late Show" met Craig Ferguson op CBS.

"Who's Bucks" – artikel over

Harp Magazine besteedt vandaag aandacht aan de nieuwe Who-site, en voornamelijk de jaarlijkse lidmaatschapscontributie van $50. Zoals eerder gemeld is, krijg je voor dit bedrag onder andere de dubbel-CD "View From A Backstage Pass", met 26 livetracks, toegang tot Pete’s weblogs en forum en een persoonlijk email-adres.

De auteur van het artikel vraagt zich af wat de reacties zullen zijn van Who-fans. Hij noemt zichzelf er ook eentje en heeft zijn twijfels.
"Now, if youxe2x80x99re like most folks, you might be saying to yourself, xe2x80x9cHmmxe2x80xa6 fifty bucks is a lot to blow just to be able to access a band websitexe2x80xa6 that doesnxe2x80x99t sound like much of a bargain.xe2x80x9d If you look closely at the subscription offer, not only is it making you pay for content you previously might have gotten for free (access to Townsendxe2x80x99s blogs, for example, or fan message boards), itxe2x80x99s also making a heavy pitch for you to buy merch (you get a 25% discount if youxe2x80x99re a subscriber; you get advance ticket infoxe2x80″big whoop). In the past, similar schemes have yielded miĆ­ results. (…) Other bands that have allowed people to pay for the xe2x80x9cprivilegexe2x80x9d of getting in on those pre-sales havenxe2x80x99t fared too well in the public relations department; anyone remember the U2 debacle a few years ago where fans got nosebleed seats (or none at all) in presales while scalpers seemed to have no trouble at all obtaining tickets?"

Hij zet zijn vraagtekens bij de beschikbaarheid van de Who-catalogus online:
"The subscription offer says xe2x80x9cyouxe2x80x99ll be able to listen online to Who tracks, then add them to your MP3 player, if you like.xe2x80x9d One might legitimately wonder about the xe2x80x9cif you likexe2x80x9d portionxe2x80″if you decide youxe2x80x99d like to PAY for MP3 downloads of Who songs, perhaps? If the downloads are to be free, one might legitimately wonder why that thatxe2x80x99s not explicitly stated"

Uiteindelijk gaat de auteur overstag en "I take the bait and become a Wholigan. Ixe2x80x99ll let you know if that photo on the front sleeve of Whoxe2x80x99s Next was just a lucky accident for the band and their photographer, or if it was a metaphorical foreshadowing of the Who pissing all over their fans…"

Een aantal nummers, opgenomen tijdens het optreden tijdens het Bridge School Benefit in 1999, zal vanaf 13 november op iTunes te vinden zijn. Het album "Bridge School Collection Volume 3" bevat daarnaast nog andere opnames van bands die hebben opgetreden tijdens de door Neil Young georganiseerde concerten.

Pete zal overigens niet aanwezig zijn bij de premixc3xa8re van "Amazing Journey"aanstaande dinsdag. Rachel meldt op haar weblog dat een van hunvrienden is overleden. Pete zal wel aanwezig zijn bij de premixc3xa8re inLonden, maar het is niet zeker of Roger daar bij aanwezig zal zijn.

The Who 9 x in Arrow Top 500

The Who staat ook dit jaar weer een aantal keren in de Arrow Top 500. Hier de posities van dit jaar, tussen haakjes de positie van vorig jaar.

481  (174)  "Who Are You"
386  (—-)   "See Me Feel Me"
365  (363)  "Overture"
301  (114)  "Substitute"
280  (242)  "Behind Blue Eyes"
181  (138)  "My Generation"
133  (207)  "Pinball Wizard"
042  (050)  "Won’t Get Fooled Again"
040  (048)  "Baba O’Riley"

Limp Bizkit staat met hun versie van "Behind Blue Eyes" op 463.

Roger: "We don't want to stop now". Tour in 2008?

Who_1Roger Daltrey heeft in een interview met Reuters aangegeven dat hij volgend jaar weer wil optreden met The Who.

"We just finished 13 months of touring all over the States and Europe, and are probably due to go back to Japan and Australia next year. So we’ll see what happens there. We don’t want to stop now. We don’t want those long hiatuses that we used to have. We feel at this time of our lives it’s too precious a thing to take liberties with time. When you’re young, you’ve got that time. When you’re old, you haven’t. You should at least keep the ball rolling."

Ook zei Roger dat Pete nieuwe nummers aan het schrijven is. "I’ve always felt — after Pete had written "Tommy" — I always had a little thing inside me saying, ‘He’ll write his best work when he’s an older man.’ Pete has that kind of intellect".

Wat betreft "Amazing Journey" heeft Roger geen behoefte om naar de film te kijken: "There’s no point in me seeing it, I lived it. I’ll watch me, I won’t see the film. I’ll watch me in the film, and I find that very uncomfortable"

Yahoo heeft het nieuws inmiddels ook opgepakt.

Motown-muziek door "Rockers on Broadway"

Afgelopen maandag vond in BB King’s Blues Club And Grill in New York het "Rockers On Broadway" evenement plaats. Dit evenement startte in 1993, toen ook "The Who’s Tommy" op Broadway werd opgevoerd. Pete kreeg toen het idee voor een optreden waarbij musicalsterren gingen optreden met rockbands. Zo konden zij de ruwheid van een rockoptreden ervaren en eventueel verwerken in hun eigen optredens in het theater. Donnie Kehr werkte het idee toen verder uit.

Tijdens het "Rockers On Broadway" van afgelopen maandag werd geput uit het werk van Motown, met o.a.een optreden van het producerstrio Holland-Dozier-Holland. The Who coverde o.a. "Heatwave" van hen.

Op BroadwayWorld is een uitgebreide foto-reportage te zien, met allemaal vrolijke mensen.

Time Out meldt daarnaast dat "Amazing Journey" de grote publiekstrekker is tijdens DocFest07. De kaarten waren binnen een kwartier uitverkocht.