Artikelen over Townshend-flyers

NBC Miami bericht over de flyer-actie van Protect Our Children. "A South Florida group that vilifies sexual predators is again going after its favorite target, rocker Pete Townshend, sending out sex offender advisories in anticipation of his Super Bowl appearance in Miami next week. Protect Our Children, a non-profit community watchdog group based in Brevard County, is mailing thousands of postcards out in Miami Gardens and the areas surrounding Sun Life Stadium".

Canoe Jam! besteedt eveneens aandacht aan de protesten. Op diezelfde site, in The Canoe Dossier, schrijft David Newland een venijnig stuk over deze protesten. "People protesting against The Who’s Pete Townshend playing at the Super Bowl should give their heads a shake. Pete Townshend may not be an angel. But picking him as an easy target takes attention away from where most sexual abuse really happens: not on a stage, but in the home, where hypocrisy is the greatest luxury", concludeert hij.


Joss Stone: "Daltrey made me enjoy music again"

In een interview op Contactmusic zegt Joss Stone dat ze veel te danken heeft aan Roger. Ze had problemen met platenmaatschappijen, maar na een gesprek met Roger zegt ze dat ze zich volledig wil concentreren op muziek maken.

"I was talking to Roger Daltrey the other day and he told me he felt so sorry for my generation of musicians. He said, ‘When I was your age, all we did was get on stage and sing. Now you all have to sit in meetings. That’s not music.’. It’s true – that’s about money. I don’t care about money. As long as I have enough to live on, I’m happy. I don’t need a Learjet to prove I can sing", aldus Stone.

Artikel over "Greatest Hits Live"

The Improper heeft een artikel geplaatst over de release van Greatest Hits Live.

Thewho2009Pete wordt geciteerd uit een ouder interview, waarin hij zegt dat hij na de tour in 2002 had willen stoppen, maar dat door de dood van John de zaken ietwat veranderden.

"Johnxe2x80x99s death in 2002 was a factor in the return to serious touring.That 2002 tour was the last I ever intended to do with the band, and mymission was to make enough money for John so that he could get out ofdebt", aldus Pete.

Interview met Pete over Superbowl

Billboard heeft een interview met Pete geplaatst over het optreden tijdens de Superbowl.

Pete zegt onder andere dat het aanvankelijk de bedoeling was dat The Who zou gaan touren dit jaar, maar omdat hij teveel bezig was met schrijven, wordt dit waarschijnlijk richting oktober geschoven. "We were considering going on and doing some more touring, and quite a lot later on this year. And then I got quite engrossed in writing, and told Roger that I would probably need another year to write. So we cancelled plans for this year. We were going to play at Coachella, the New Orleans Jazz festival, we had all kinds of things planned, so I persuaded Roger we should do the Super Bowl to kick those events off. And then decided that I couldn’t do that work later this year because I felt I had to continue to write. So this must have been on the cards for quite a long time, but I think we made a final decision to go ahead in October or something like that".

Over touren en de Superbowl: "When we go out and tour we don’t play stadiums like the Rolling Stones or U2, we play arenas, and we don’t always absolutely fill them to the brim. We do pretty well because we’re quite good at what we do.  When we put out records we don’t sell very many records, not that anybody does these days. But we are facing the same changes that everybody else is facing, so for us to be playing the Super Bowl at this point of our career — two old guys standing on the crest of a wave and we don’t know where that wave is going to crash next — it’s fabulous to be doing this show. I think it will help us decide what we are going to do next, what shape that will take, and whether we should just try and put out another record, whether we should do one of the fancy things I do on the side".

Over Roger: "We’ve never found it easy to get on with each other. We’ve never socialized very much, and we still don’t. But what has emerged in the past 10 years, particularly with the death of John Entwistle, which was the last big shock we went through, is a tremendously supportive friendship. Roger and I have become friends who can say we love each other, and at our age that’s wonderful. I’ve known Roger since I was 11 years old"

Over Floss: "I finished the story in November and I’ve written quite a lot of lyrics, and I’ve been doing demos since the beginning of December. I’ve done about 10 songs so far. Whether or not this will work as a Who project I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure there are a few songs that I’ve done which Roger will enjoy singing. So there’s a possibility we might be able to release some of the songs from the play as an album or an EP".

"My Generation" remix voor Haxc3xafti

Tijdens de Superbowl zal een nieuwe remix van My Generation te horen zijn. Dat meldt Billboard. De remix wordt gemaakt door van The Black Eyed Peas en de opbrengsten zijn bestemd voor Haxc3xafti. Gitarist Slash zal ook te horen zijn op de nieuwe versie.

"It’s the Who, their song, and then I altered the lyric to fit my generation now and then have Slash on it", aldus "It was awesome. I loved that song way before this even came up, and talking to Pete Townshend on the phone is like, ‘What?! I’m talking to Pete Townshend on the phone?!’ That was awesome, being able to just hear their advice and everything. Those guys are just awesome"

In 1996 werd My Generation al eens eerder geremixt. Op de CD-single van My Generation stond naast de Leeds-versie van Pinball Wizard een Deep Love Remix. De vinyl-versie bevatte daarnaast nog een Regeneration Mix en een Aphrodisiac Mix.

Pete: "We're doing a mashup of stuff"

The Who zal tijdens het Superbowl optreden een medley van hits gaan spelen. Dat zegt Pete in Billboard.

"We’re kinda doing a mashup of stuff. A bit of ‘Baba O’Riley,’ a bit of ‘Pinball Wizard,’ a bit of the close of ‘Tommy,’ a bit of ‘Who Are You,’ and a bit of ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again.’ It works — it’s quite a saga. A lot of the stuff that we do has that kind of celebratory vibe about it — we’ve always tried to make music that allows the audience to go a bit wild if they want to. Hopefully it will hit the spot", aldus Pete.

De Superbowl vindt plaats op 7 februari aanstaande.