KISS gitarist over The Who

In een interview op KISS Online praat KISS gitarist Tommy Thayer over de toevoeging van Won’t Get Fooled Again tijdens live-uitvoeringen van hun hit Lick It Up.

"Lick It Up" has some interesting elements live, how did the current arrangement come together, with the segment from ‘We Don’t Get Fooled Again’?
I think originally I was doing that finger-plucking thing and Paul was singing "I Want You.. I Need You" Later on that evolved into the Who part. I really like that


"Greatest intro of all time"

Luisteraars van Planet Rock hebben kunnen stemmen op hun favoriete intro van een rocknummer. Smoke On The Water van Deep Purple staat op nummer 1. The Who is te vinden op nummer 8 (Baba O’Riley) en nummer 11 (Won’t Get Fooled Again).

Rabbit opent tentoonstelling

John "Rabbit" Bundrick opent vandaag een tentoonstelling in het Haynes Museum in Sparkford. Dat meldt Yeovil Express.De tentoonstelling heeft de titel 100 Years Of Advertising The Motor Car.

Bundrick zegt: "This will be the first time I have visited Haynes International Motor Museum. I am looking forward to seeing the exhibition about the car advertising, but in particular I hope to sit at the wheel of the Chevrolet Camaro they have on display.

I bought my first Chevy in the early 1970s from the proceeds of the Johnny Nash hit I Can See Clearly Now which I played on. I think American cars are the most fantastic looking cars in the world and the Camaro is my all-time favourite American car".

Roger: "Our bodies are beginning to give up on us"

"If carrying on is going to mean Pete going deaf letxe2x80x99s stop now. Entering old age in a silent world xe2x80″ nothing is worth that", aldus Roger in een interview op Express. Het artikel richt zich op de gehoorproblemen van Pete.

PrdOver het optreden in Londen vorige maand zegt Roger: "That might have been the last gig. I honestly donxe2x80x99t know. Wexe2x80x99re trying to deal with issues that we have never dealt with before. Our bodies are beginning to give up on us. Ixe2x80x99ve had voice problems in the past year that Ixe2x80x99ve managed to sort out and Ixe2x80x99m really enjoying singing again but you have to be realistic xe2x80″ Ixe2x80x99m 66 years old".

Pete en Roger zijn nu andere mogelijkheden aan het bekijken: "Therexe2x80x99s still a great chemistry between me and Pete.  If we canxe2x80x99t play loud any longer letxe2x80x99s play quieter. Letxe2x80x99s play with orchestras. You have never done it all, not until the last stride, that last big adventurexe2x80x9d, aldus Roger.

Interview met Pete op (deel 3)

Het derde van vijf interviewdelen met Pete is op de officixc3xable site geplaatst. Enkele citaten.

Over het integraal opvoeren van All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes:
"At the time of recording in 1981 I had a six-piece band. The four prettiest members are pictured on the sleeve of the album. In the middle of recording I tried to stop drinking, became addicted to a therapeutic tranquilliser called ATIVAN, went slightly nuts,  moved on to heroin for a while, ended up on crack cocaine and went into rehab. As for doing that album today as an album – in performance – I can’t see the point. It would be great of course, but there would be no point".

Over een integrale versie van Tommy volgend jaar voor Teenage Cancer Trust:
"It’s possible. I’m keen to see some kind of Gala TOMMY any time soon. If we wait until 2019 one thing I can assure you: I will not be on stage, I will either be composing or decomposing".

Over zijn vader:
"He was proud of me I know. By the time I was 24 I had bought him a great car, the apartment he had been renting and the apartment above, his first colour TV, and I gave him a couple of boats. He’d been a great father to me; he was funny, handsome and loving, and a really terrific musician. He drank a bit too much, but unlike me he could usually handle it"

Zijn favoriete Who-song die ondergewaardeerd wordt:
"Rael. Actually this is a really cheeky question, none of my amazing songs are underrated. They are all regarded as masterpieces in every salon in Europe. Wherever I walk in Paris, Moscow or Vienna people shout at me, `Sir Pete,’ they shout. `Your Who songs are all so overrated’. So your question is ill-founded you see"

Over Slit Skirts:
"It came out of nowhere. I wrote it very quickly in the winter of 1981 at my Oceanic studio, on piano for my sister-in-law Virginia Astley to play with me so I could play electric guitar on the track. She played it beautifully. She’s a really expressive musician. It’s amazing to look back and remember that at the relatively young age of 34 years old I regarded myself and my peers as being too old to dance any more, or to wear fashionable clothes. Not sure how I would have felt had I known that I would still be dressing and dancing like a fool on stage at 65. I was quite distraught when some critics took the song to be entirely autobiographical, because although I myself was having a strange time when I wrote it (I was separated from my wife for a couple of years and living in a remote country house) nearly all my friends in their `30s felt the same way".

Roger trad op tijdens Imagine A Cure II

Afgelopen zaterdag trad Roger op tijdens het Imagine A Cure II benefietconcert. Dat meldt de Examiner. Het was even onduidelijk of Roger wel zou optreden, vanwege de aswolk, maar hij reisde toch af naar het Snowqualmie Casino.

Roger speelde de Lennonklassieker Jealous Guy en een medley van Money / Twist & Shout. Ook speelde hij Lennons versie van de klassieker Stand By Me.

Examiner meldt:
Rd"Roger Daltrey has a lot going on back home in his native England.  With music and charity work in which he is deeply immersed, a transatlantic flight for one show and a 48 hour turnaround normally wouldn’t seem like an appealing idea…but he made a promise to some friends. 

Daltrey’s promise was to headline a show alongside drummer Alan White, together with a world-class, all-star band to play a benefit concert — Imagine A Cure II. The show honors the legacy of John Lennon, as well as raises money for the Puget Sound Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Daltrey indeed kept his promise last night, Saturday, April 24th.  His tour de force delivery of Lennon classic, "Jealous Guy"  and a raucous version of "Money / Twist and Shout"  had the audience, who paid between $75.00 and $300.00 to attend, dancing in the aisles. In addition, Daltrey performed a lovely rendition of Lennon’s version of the Ben E. King classic, "Stand By Me."

Although the collective talent in the room was staggering, it was obvious that The Who front man was the who everyone was there to see. Daltrey, the consummate pro, did not disappoint. He delivered the goods with his trademark, battle-tested voice and natural stage presence".

Interview met Pete op (deel 2)

Vandaag is het tweede van vijf interviewdelen op de officixc3xable site geplaatst. Enkele citaten:

Over de stand van zaken rond Floss:
"For Godxe2x80x99s sake stop nagging. Still writing. I have lots of tracks demoed, but few with vocals because Ixe2x80x99m not sure yet if I want to sing every part or bring in character voices. No release date, as it will probably never be released as an album per se. If I were you Ixe2x80x99d start saving for tickets to the premiere concert in 2025".

Het schrijven van Floss:
"Floss is a combination of about five stories, one of them the story of an old girlfriend. This question actually frames the problem. If I wrote a story, then a score, and then some individual hit songs, would it be rock xe2x80x98nxe2x80x99 roll? I think not. It would be music theatre. With rock as it has evolved the best trick is to try to avoid dotting every xe2x80x98Ixe2x80x99 and crossing every xe2x80x98txe2x80x99. There has to be space for the individual audience member to live inside the work, and feel they can affect it, and make it their own because it does actually belong to them. So half the time, working on a new piece, Ixe2x80x99m trying to work out how I can get people to understand what Ixe2x80x99m trying to achieve without making it too clear-cut".

Over een eventueel vervolg op Quadrophenia:
"I really put my foot in it on this bloody website last year didnxe2x80x99t I by mentioning that I was working on a thing called Floss? All those jokes about teeth, ha, ha. By Q2 I assume you mean an updated re-release of the original Quadrophenia album. I stopped working on that in 2004 and licensed the rights to the theatrical producers who put on the six-month UK theatre tour in 2009. Their rights are good for a good while longer. If you mean more performances of what we just did at RAH for TCT, there may be some more performances of that show, but probably no conventional long tour".

Over het spelen van Lifehouse:
"One day someone will put this together; some big opera company will do it when Ixe2x80x99m dead and buried and everyone will completely get it. I am past caring. However, I am proud of what I put together around Lifehouse. I did some of my best work as a composer. Not such good work on the plot, the characters or the general point of it all. Itxe2x80x99s been picked apart and analysed far too much. It was a visionary idea, but I did not have the support or skills to do what needed to be done. I should ask Roger to fix it"

Wat hij deed tussen Psychoderelict en Endless Wire:
"I took a proper break from the rigours of frontline rock. I learned the piano a little better, spent a lot of time with my son, started a new life as a single man, and did a bit of solo work. I didnxe2x80x99t write very much music, but I did play a lot at home around the house. From 1996 to 1999 I worked on my autobiography, now about half-finished.

I didnxe2x80x99t even think about song writing until one day I found myself singing REAL GOOD LOOKING BOY. It was such a good song, so personal, so angry and vengeful but also so forgiving, and also so universal, that when Roger came to me to ask me to go back out again with the Who to help John Entwistle avoid financial ruin (his fifty-six Rotweillers were hungry), I felt I might survive another attempt to make a real Who record. Roger was quickly able to make the song his own, so I knew it was a good one. Then there was Johnxe2x80x99s sudden and absurd death. Then there was a veritable explosion of quite joyful performance creativity with IN THE ATTIC with Rachel Fuller and Mikey Cuthbert and my brother Simon, the Lifehouse Method website with Lawrence Ball, and the long tour with the Who from 2006 up to Australia in the spring of 2009.

By the time I got to Endless Wire I had a very rich world of creativity and pain, and joy, to draw on. I got sucked back to song-writing for the Who xe2x80x9cideaxe2x80x9d and the Who xe2x80x9cbrandxe2x80x9d by friendship, drama and trouble. So if you want another Who album, better pray for some friendly, dramatic and troublesome suction".

Twee Who nummers bij Britse favoriete rocksongs

Absolute Classic Radio heeft een top 10 samengesteld met de 10 favoriete rocksongs van de Britten. Dat meldt The Who staat op nummer 2 met Won’t Get Fooled Again en op nummer 6 met Baba O’Riley.

Op nummer 1 staat Stairway To Heaven van Led Zeppelin. The Who en Led Zeppelin zijn de enige bands met twee nummers in de top 10.

[bron: Louis Gossieau]