"The Who Revealed" – nieuw boek door Matt Kent

Op 15 augustus verschijnt The Who Revealed, een nieuw boek over The Who geschreven door Matt Kent. Kent schreef al eerder Anyway Anyhow Anywhere en werkte lange tijd voor Pete. The Who Revealed is een "new, glossy, visually stimulating coffee-table book covers all the major events in The Who's career of over 45 years, accompanied by revealing and evocative images", aldus Amazon.

Matt schrijft op zijn eigen website: "Just saw the pdf's of the book, which has already gone to the printers without me seeing it. Overall it looks nice but a few photos have been placed in the wrong places which is upsetting"


Echo's van Cincinnati na Love Parade drama

Veel aandacht in de media voor het drama tijdens de Love Parade in Duisburg. In een aantal artikelen wordt verwezen naar het drama dat gebeurde tijdens het Who-concert in Cincinnati op 3 december 1979.

"Lessons of '79 Cincinnati Who concert lost", schrijft Chicago Conservative Chronicles. "After the deadly WHO concert that fateful evening, General Concert admissions were stopped worldwide for decades for this very reasonxe2x80xa6. but NOOOOOOO, these liberals of today think xe2x80x98they know betterxe2x80x99 and since xe2x80x98it hasnxe2x80x99t happened in SO longxe2x80x99 they drop their guard, lift what they see as a xe2x80x98no longer needed curtain of protectionxe2x80x99 and now 15 are dead in all ironies of ironies, at a festival deemed the LOVE PARADE".

"Eleven fans of The Who died as almost 10,000 audience members charged to claim seats at a gig in Cincinnati in 1979. The band weren't told of the tragedy until after they had performed", zo schrijft The Independent.

BN De Stem citeert hoogleraar massapsychologie Hans van der Sande: "Crowd control is een relatief jong begrip, pas sinds 1979 toen mensen doodgedrukt werden bij een concert van The Who, wordt er onderzoek naar gedaan".

Op Daily Caller reageert iemand: "I lived in Cincinnati when there was a mass stampede at The Who concert. Nine people died. There is no where to go in crowd like that. Scary as all heck".

"Not their malfeasance in poor planning and procedures. Same as the Who thing. This is on the promoters and the planners of the event, not the people or the music", reageert iemand op Democratic Underground.

"Almost all of the classic crowd deaths involve a group of people at the front moving into something, being blocked, and then being crushed by people following them, who don't know they can't move forward for some reason. (…) See The Who in Cincy. See The Hillsbourough Disaster (..) — where the crush of people trying to escape actually prevented the escape", schrijft iemand op Metalfilter.

Achtergrond over het Cincinnati-drama: hier en hier. De dag erna, tijdens het concert in Buffalo, droeg Roger de show op aan de slachtoffers (klik hier om te luisteren).

Magic Bus op Limburgs festival

De Limburgse Who-tribute band Magic Bus zal aanstaande zaterdag optreden tijdens het Bikes & Music Festival in Klimmen (Limburg, bij Valkenburg). Bikes & Music is een festival met een open karakter, het wordt bezocht door een breed publiek: van bikers tot muziek liefhebbers, van motorrijders uit het buitenland die er een korte vakantie van maken tot buurtgenoten die eens een festivalsfeer willen proeven.

Magic Bus zal vanaf 18:00 uur een set van anderhalf uur spelen.

Tour in 2011? "Quadrophenia needs a revamp"

Hollywood Reporter heeft een interview met Roger waarin hij aangeeft dat een tour in de lente van 2011 tot de mogelijkheden behoort.

"We're just working out what to do next. We've got ideas…We're looking on probably being out there, hopefully if all goes well, in the spring of next year…We definitely don't want to stop. We feel it's the role of the artist to go all the way through life 'til you can't do it anymore", aldus Roger.

Over Pete's gehoorproblemen zegt hij:
"It's nothing that can't be sorted out — just different monitor systems, different on-stage volume, which is where the issue is. Pete being the addictive character he is, if he gets carried away he tends to turn his volume up to the old levels, and that's when it causes the trouble. That's one of the problems with rock 'n' roll, once the old adrenalin kicks in"

Over zijn solo-tour:
"One of the reasons I'm doing this is so if he ever does write anything significant or anything he needs me to sing, I've got a voice to do it. I've dedicated my life to being the voice of his music. I'm happy with that position. I feel I've done a good job for him."

Over het nogmaals opvoeren van Quadrophenia:
"There are issues with it to make it work at our age. I'm 16 years older than when we last did it, and I always had a bit of a problem, as far as the crowd was concerned, with the way we were presenting that show, the way our position within the piece was explained. For the newcomers it was narratively a bit of a puzzle, what Pete and I were to this guy on the screen. It needs a revamp. It would be dated to put it out as it is now. We need to fix that area, but I know how to do it."