Roger te horen in reclame

In een reclame van reisorganisatie Virgin Holidays is de stem van Roger te horen. Klik hier voor een artikel over de commercial. "The new 60-second TV ad voiced by authentic rock legend Roger Daltry and filmed on location in Thailand continues until June 6.".

[bron: Erwin Castricum]


Roger: "All I want to do is work with The Who again"

Op de officixc3xable site is een exclusief interview met Roger te beluisteren.

Enkele citaten:
– "I have been painting and decorating"
– "Who are planning something… can't say what. Pete is writing."

It's Not Enough werd niet live gespeeld, want "Pete said it had no dynamic… just a rant"

– Over downloaden: "Downloading the recent tours is a shame, as they're available from Encore Series – and the money goes to charity. If they download it for free I don't give a shit."

– Hij zou graag willen samenwerken met Sade (bekend van o.a. de hit Smooth Operator), and "discussed recording with Eric Clapton – we needed to work out what songs". Maar concluderend: "All I want to do is work with The Who again".

– Hij is nu aan het zesde of zevende script toe voor de film over Keith Moon. "I've got sit-down time between now and Christmas. I have a writer friend and we're going to sit down and write it together. It's influenced by the recent Serge Gainsborough film". Hij zou overigens het liefst Je t'aime… moi non plus zingen met Jane Birkin.

– Wat ziet hij zichzelf doen over 10 jaar? "I'd just like to be getting up in the morning. Not knocking on wood".

Fish: "Pete is my ultimate hero on every level"

Fish Rockzanger Fish heeft de volgende sympathieke mededeling op zijn Facebook pagina geschreven:

"After watching "The Kids are Alright" on sat can honestly , hand on heart say that if I had the choice of any band I could have been in it would have been the "Who" and Pete Townsend is my ultimate hero on every level,full stop!:-)))))A True genius,lyrically, creatively, performance …wise and on every level."

In de jaren '80 coverde Marillion regelmatig My Generation.

Informatie over Hull '70

Op valt dit te lezen wat betreft het concert in Hull:

"I do remember Bobby Pridden telling me around the time we did View From A Backstage Pass that he had only recently listened to the complete Hull recordings (which is why 'A Quick One' appears on VFABP) and, contrary to what he had first thought, there WAS sufficient bass on most of the tapes xe2x80″ but not on the opening tracks.

Back in 1995 when we did the first Leeds reissue Bobby had listened to a few tracks from Hull and had dismissed them as not being up to scratch. In the fifteen years since then with a bit of tweaking and twiddling care of modern technology, hey presto, you get to hear Hull at long last xe2x80″ even if it will cost you a bucketful of yen to do so"

Geen "Magic Bus" op Hull-release

Het meest interessante nummer van het optreden in Hull zal niet komen te staan op de nieuwe CD-release. HMV Japan meldt dat Magic Bus zal ontbreken. Tijdens Magic Bus speelde Pete het intro op akoestische gitaar en switchte daarna over op de elektrische gitaar. Dit was de eerste keer (en een van de weinige keren) dat hij het nummer op deze manier speelde.

De dubbel-CD wordt geproduceerd door Jon Astley. over Pete's soloalbums heeft een artikel over Pete's soloalbums en de gitaren die gebruikt werden bij de opnames. "[Pete] has a rhythm-rooted approach based on repetition, the clever use of hammer-ons and pull-offs, speedy picking, volume and distortion, and other elements that add up to one of the most distinctive touches on the instrument. When Townshend hits a power chord or churns out a staccato riff, therexe2x80x99s no mistaking whoxe2x80x99s standing at the plate".

Bobby Pridden over Hull

De opnames van het concert in Hull (15 februari 1970) blijven de gemoederen op de verschillende Who fora bezig houden. Over de opname van de basgitaar zegt Bobby Pridden in de Record Collector van juli:
"We actually wanted to use Hull as the live recording rather than Leeds, but when we listened to the playback, the bass was missing. The interesting thing is that we obviously didn't listen all the way through. It was only when I was doing research for this album that I found some tracks with the bass playing loud and clear, and John in top form!"