"Greatest Rock & Roll Feuds": Who op 4

Rolling Stone richt zich op de 11 Greatest Rock & Roll Feuds Of All Time. De ruzies tussen Pete en Roger staan op nummer 4:

"In 1975 Pete Townshend vented his frustrations with the Who to the NME: "We've become a golden oldies group," he said. "I can tell you that when we were gigging in this country at the early part of this year I was thoroughly depressed. I honestly feel that the Who were going on stage every night and copying what the Who used to be." Frontman Roger Daltrey blasted back a few months later. "It really took a lot of my Who energy out after reading that," he said. "Pete's talked himself up his own ass. There are quite a lot of disillusioned fans and disenchanted kids right about now. The Who weren't bad on that tour, but I think we've done some gigs where Townshend was bad." The two patched things up for an album and tour later that year".

Mick Jagger en Keith Richards staan op nummer 1.


Release DVD San Diego 1982

Het concert dat The Who in San Diego gaf tijdens de Farewell Tour in 1982, is in Canada op DVD uitgekomen. De DVD, getiteld Live Generations '82, is o.a. verkrijgbaar via de Canadese Amazon en CD Universe. Of de DVD ook in Europa uit gaat komen is niet bekend.

Live Generations Op Who fora wordt gediscussieerd over de legaliteit van deze DVD. De kwaliteit is niet best, zo wordt gemeld.
"I just got the new video in the mail and it's no better than the bootleg. Very grainy and pixilized. There is also an annoying logo in the corner of the screen the entire show. If you have the boot already, don't waste your time with this"

Een andere lezer schrijft:
"You should know right off the bat that the video quality of the show is crappy. It's not unwatchable, but don't expect a clear, bright, high resolution image. This is definitely the weakest element of the release.

The audio on the other hand is actually quite good. It's available in Dolby Digital 5.1 and it presents a clear, crisp, surround sound experience with good separation of the instruments and voices. The show runs for 113 minutes and there are no subtitles, extras, or bonus features. This certainly isn't an essential DVD for all Who fans, but if you don't have the bootleg and can get this for a good price you might be pleasantly surprised. I will watch this DVD again for sure.

The show itself is solid with some good playing by Pete and John. Roger's in good voice and Kenney is Kenney. I think this is a better gig than the Toronto show. There's a couple of interesting moments I noted: near the beginning of the concert a bottle is thrown on stage (nearly hitting Roger), Pete implores the crowd to "move back" as people were getting crushed at the front, and at one point Pete pours baby powder over his shoulder so his guitar strap would stop sticking to his leather jacket. Of course Pete is rocking his 1982 "Flock of Seagulls" haircut and is smoking his tiny Indian cigarettes. Roger and John are both in too-trendy early '80s fashion but this is the Farewell Tour, warts and all".

Nog een reactie:
"The video is not very smooth, it's very choppy. They don't show alot of John and you can count the number of times Tim Gorman is showen on one hand"

Roger bezoekt Brighton Music Awards

Vorige week bracht Roger een bezoekje aan de uitreiking van de Brighton Music Awards. Dat meldt The Argus. Ook gitarist Jimmy Page bevond zich onder de aanwezigen. Daltrey reikte de prijs voor Band Of The Year uit aan een plaatselijke band.

Daltrey zei: "Ixe2x80x99ve got some great memories of Brighton, coming here for the first time when I was nine on family holidays then playing every Tuesday at the old Florida Rooms which is now the Sea Life Centre.
The bands have all been great and I look forward to seeing them make their mark over future years and months".

Dr John over Keith Moon

The Village Voice heeft een diner gehad met Dr John. Tijdens de maaltijd kwamen een aantal artiesten ter sprake, waaronder The Who.

Dr John "The Who were awful, just obnoxious and not very friendly. One day Keith's drug problem became so severe, that his friends decided to stage an intervention because they thought he was about to die. They stripped off his clothes and tied him with all four limbs bound to the corners of the bed. Then they left the room for a while, to give him time to calm down and think. Well, he struggled like a madman against the ropes. Eventually, he broke free, and without bothering to look for his clothes, he dived through the window and ran naked down the street".

"Another time I was at a big reception in London, and all the food was laid out, it was some kind of award ceremony or other in a big hall. The hall was totally decorated, very fancy. And Keith snuck in to examine the spread of food, you know. And the centerpiece of the decoration was some sort of big ice sculpture, and Keith took one look at it and dived into the sculpture, sending ice flying in every direction, and he managed to upset the food table, too, so it went all over the floor. And then he just passed out. And there he was, passed out in the middle of this pile of ice, and there was no food for anyone. Yeah, they [The Who] were a bunch of brats."

Richard Evans over albumcovers

In The Independent schrijft Richard Evans een artikel over albumcovers.

"By 1976 I decided to go it alone and open my own studio. I got my very first job xe2x80″ to design a tour programme for The Who. Now, I'd always loved The Who. I'd even blagged my way on to the social committee at art school in 1965 in order to book them for a college dance. My design would be a spoof of Playboy called "Bellboy", after the Quadrophenia song. If you're going to work with The Who, I thought, throw yourself in at the deep end, and so for the centrefold I took a photograph of a naked Keith Moon, resplendent in all his glory lying on a hotel-room sofa. Talk about a baptism by fire!"

"Tommy The Movie" boek te koop aangeboden

Lezer Jan heeft een boek te koop: Tommy The Movie. Hij laat weten:

"Ik ben sinds kort in het bezit van een Engels muziekblad xe2x80x9cTommy The Moviexe2x80x9d waarin veel fotoxe2x80x99s staan, maar het mooie is vooral (vind ik) dat ook alle muziek er in staat. Dus het is eigenlijk de rockopera in bladmuziek. Lijkt mij een collector's item, want ik kan het blad nergens anders te koop vinden op het internet.
Het boek verkeert nog in redelijk goede staat en is maar liefst 146 paginaxe2x80x99s dik, groot formaat (A4)"

Wil je dit boek graag kopen, stuur dan even een mailtje naar mij.

Setlist Roger tijdens Queen-gala

Afgelopen donderdag trad Roger op met de overgebleven leden van Queen. Dog News heeft een verslag van de avond. Roger zong twee Who-nummers, Summertime Blues en Queen's I Want It All. Er waren meer nummers met Roger gepland, waaronder Baba O'Riley, Walkin' The Dog en Sam Cooke's Bring It On Home To Me, maar vanwege de avondklok werden die geschrapt. 

Respect – Patti Russo
Lady Marmalade – Patti Russo
I Got A Feelinxe2x80x99 – Ryan Molloy
Place Your Hands – Ryan Molloy
Letxe2x80x99s Hang On – Ryan Molloy
Rip It Up – Roger Taylor
Heroes – Roger Taylor
Dancing Queen – The Fabba Girls
Behind Blue Eyes – Roger Daltrey
Canxe2x80x99t Explain – Roger Daltrey
Summertime Blues – Roger Daltrey
Hound Dog – Brian May
Under Pressure – Roger Taylor and Patti Russo
I Want It All – Roger Daltrey
We Will Rock You – All
With A Little Help – All

Roger: ik hou van schilderen

RD The Daily Express schrijft vandaag over Roger's nieuwe bezigheid: schilderen. "I can paint. Ixe2x80x99m not a particularly good painter but itxe2x80x99s something Ixe2x80x99m turning to more as I get older. But Ixe2x80x99ve never been particularly passionate about art. At least not in the same way I am about music and singing", zegt Roger.

Tijdens een bezoek aan een tentoonstelling in Londen zei Roger tevens: "Most of the musicians I know just buy what they like. They donxe2x80x99t profess to know anything about it. People who buy art as an investment are nuts, you should just buy what you like. There are definitely a couple of paintings here that Ixe2x80x99ve got my eye on".