Verslag Farner Benefit

Op Talkbass Forum stond een verslag van het Farner Benefit, tevens de slotdag van het Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp.

"A few tunes later, Roger Daltrey himself made his way to center stage with Simon Kirke of Bad Company on drums, Richie on guitar, Kip on acoustic, Rudy on bass and everybody singing background vocals. The crowd was full of people in Who shirts and everybody was very excited to see him. From up close, it was easy to see that the mighty Daltrey, bare chested, fringed- vested hero of 70's rock is, in fact, a gnarly little dwarf. He's a wee little fella, bless him. Anyway, after the set kicked off, he strangely decided to sing "Born To Run", but not before tersely asking all the musicians to turn down- somewhat sapping the song of any power it might have had. As someone who has seen the Who many times, I have previously experienced Roger's vocal problems and it quickly became apparent that he was having some troubles-(…) Sadly, Roger chose to keep drawing attention to the trouble he was having, sticking both fingers in his ears and grimacing at the monitors. After the song, he announced that couldn't hear himself one bit, and that they had spent an hour soundchecking that afternoon and he couldn't believe what a fu**ing waste that had been. In fact, he said that he had heard about this good cause and wanted to help, but was starting to think that had bitten off more than he could chew and perhapsxe2x80xa6Mark Hudson began making helpful, positive smiles and shoulder rubs and checking the mics, asking the monitor person to please turn the vocals up- which naturally resulted in a load honk of feedback.

Convinced to soldier on, Roger called for "Mannish Boy"- a dead simple blues in E that he should have been able to hit out of the park with ease. (…)

After this song, Roger muttered more about the crappy monitors, said that the band was really messing him up and said "Rock and roll fantasy? More like a nightmare" to nervous laughter, but the he flashed a Roger Daltrey smile and everybody relaí as he said "Still, it's a good cause." Mark Hudson prevailed on him to sing a Who song (….) Roger said "The last thing I want to do is sing Who songs with a ****** PA and an unrehearsed band" which felt very uncool considering the caliber of musicians on stage and the fact that they had, in fact, rehearsed the songs with him. He launched into "My Generation" (..) He cut the band after the first verse and said "these guys are not together, let's start it again" and then- as a lifelong Who fan it pains me to say this- Roger kept ****ing up the form of the song. I know it sounds impossible, but I'm telling you he missed every chance to cue the band for the modulations and stops. Everybody on stage was intently looking to him, hoping to follow his cues, but there were none to be had.

Next, he asked for an acoustic (…) and did a new Pete Townshend song ("2000 years") and then a very good "Behind Blue Eyes" with everyone singing along. After a quick run through of "Stand By Me", Nona Hendryx (of Labelle) stepped up to deliver the big finish with a rousing soulful take on Joe Cocker's version of "With A Little Help From My Friends" that saw her coaxing the mighty Rog into actually enjoying himself, and then they finished with Queen' "I Want It All". The ensemble exited to generous applause."


0 thoughts on “Verslag Farner Benefit

  1. Ik heb Roger ook tijdens Who optredens de weg weleens volledig kwijt zien raken, tot groot plezier van Pete overigens 😉

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