Roger: "Samenwerking met Foo Fighters was spontaan"

Het gastoptreden van Roger met de Foo Fighters tijdens de NME Awards was een spontane actie. Dat meldt NME. "They play it in their show sometimes, 'Young Man Blues', and [Grohl] said, 'Would you sing it?'. "That's what rock'n'roll used to be like, when people used to just get up and make it up on the spot. Which is what we did tonight – I hope we didn't show up too much!", aldus Roger.


Roger over zijn hobby: schilderen

Roger ziet het schilderen als zijn nieuwe passie, wanneer hij stopt met muziek maken. Dat meldt MusicRooms. "I've probably got two or three years left to do that kind of music and I want to make the most of it, because again I've been given a gift, use it, use it or lose it, so I'm going to do 'Tommy' at the Albert Hall.
I'll start painting then, I do a bit of daubing in my spare time, but I know that when I start that seriously it's going to have to be serious, there won't be room for anything else", aldus Roger.

Roger: "Liam Gallagher is a sweetheart"

Liam Gallagher Roger schijnt behoorlijk gecharmeerd te zijn van Beady Eye, de nieuwe band van Liam Gallagher. De band speelt op vrijdag 25 maart een concert voor Teenage Cancer Trust, en Roger is helemaal in de wolken. "On the Friday, of course we have got Liam Gallagher's new band, Beady Eye, which is a big triumph for me", zo tekent Contactmusic op.

Eerder deze week, tijdens het interview voor Absolute Radio, noemde Roger de voormalige Oasis-zanger "a sweetheart". Gigwise en Spinner berichten hierover.

"I love him. Everybody says, 'Oh he's a bit difficult isn't he?' I've always found him an absolute sweetheart. Listen, after Keith Moon everybody's easy. After Keith Moon and Pete Townshend everything's easy let me tell you. Liam's a very talented guy, very funny guy, very witty guy and much cleverer than people give him credit for. Yeah, I love it Liam is a real rock star. He is 100 per cent the real deal", aldus Roger.