"What's Pete Townshend up to these days?"

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Een joekel van een artikel over Pete is te lezen op The Economist.

Enkele citaten:
"There’s a sense of being in front of a bunch of fans who really want to see you fight on stage, or scowl at each other, or die. They want to be there when you die. It’s the same with Mick and Keith. If tomorrow Mick Jagger would say, ‘That’s it, the Stones are finished,’ then people would look at him as being a completely different artist, and a different kind of human being. But why would you want to buy something by Mick? Actually what we really want is to observe him going through the agony of being on stage with Keith Richards on a bad night.

Over Keith Richards' boek:
"When we read Keith Richards’s book, are we really reading who he is? James Fox [Richards’s ghost] is a brilliant writer. I think it’s sad that we will only remember Keith’s book because of what he said about the size of Mick’s genitals. Which, by the way, to use an apt term, is bollocks. I’ve seen them, and they are not small. And it is not just the balls that are big.”

Over John:
"After John Entwistle died, Roger and I felt very exposed, but in an extremely good way.  We felt, ‘Oh wow, things are clearer: you sing, I write’.

Aan de lijn denken:
"I’ve got a wonderful room at the top of this house. The room where Mary Hayley Bell wrote ‘Whistle Down the Wind’. It would make a great studio, and so I set things up, thinking it would be lovely just to sit in there and play my new keyboard, but it’s that extra flight of stairs, and I think ‘Fuck it, I’m not going up there’.

Over zijn arrestatie in 2003:
"There were two things that went through my mind. One was that I don’t deserve to be on the front of any tabloid newspaper. And two, this is gross hypocrisy that I’m obviously going to be sacrificed. So for a moment I thought ‘There’s just no point trying to continue.’ Luckily, Rachel was next to me when I read the paper. I turned to her and said, ‘Fuck, this is the end,’ and she said, ‘No, it isn’t. Let’s go and make a few phone callsx85’ “

“I shouldn’t really have accepted a caution. I hadn’t done anything. They came to this house, they came to my office, my studio, my storeroom, they took away 11 computers and sat on them doing forensic examination for five months, and that whole time I was thinking, ‘I’m fucked. All they have to do is just flood one of the computers with images and nobody’s going to believe me’. (…)  It is hanging over me. I think there’s a divide in how people perceive me. There are some people that know me and know enough about my past to know this is the kind of thing I would do, but without salacious intent, and that I would never abuse a child. (….)  I received dozens of letters from people saying ‘we know who you are, and you can come and babysit our kids any time’. Then there are people on the other side of the line who just don’t know. I was just terrified of the newspapers. I thought, ‘If I don’t accept this caution, they’re going to come after me’.”

Over fans:
"I don’t like fans really. But that’s because they’re my employerx97I don’t like the boss. I feel much happier about the record company giving me a load of money to piss away rather than someone coming up to me in the street saying, ‘I saw you in Blah Blah Blah and you were really great x97when are you going to do another tour?’ It feels to me like, you know, ‘When are you going to put in a decent sink, or whatever it is that you do?’ Of course, without them I wouldn’t exist. But fans are fanatics, obsessives. In a Freudian sense there is something very strange about them, a degree of obsession, and neither of you really know what the transaction is about"

Het optreden Royal Albert Hall in 2011:
"Your intuition was dead on. At the beginning of the year I had decided, ‘66 next birthday, I think I’ll just stop’. Nothing to do with my hearing, because I think I can sort that out on stage. My feeling was that I simply didn’t have the enthusiasm to do reinvention.

Met Roger op tournee:
"If I’m out on the road with Roger and he’s as miserable as sin, there is a bit of me, and I know my manager Bill Curbishley shares this, which thinks ‘Why are we doing this to him?’ He seems to be so unhappy, he seems to be so unfulfilled. Yet when you talk to him he exalts The Who to high heaven, and exalts me. He always says it’s going to be fabulous, and ‘this time I’m just going to have fun,’ and he always ends up distraught, sobbing in a corner somewhere, saying ‘That was the worst show I’ve ever done and I could do so much better and I can’t work out how I’m going to do this again’.”

“It’s so fucking amazing, but [playing live] seems to require no energy. It’s not that I’m fed up with it or blasé about it, I’m amazed by it, but at the same time I feel I have so little to do with it. For me it’s just become easier and easier, to the point where I can push a switch and this incredible U2/Bruce Springsteen crusher emerges, and we start playing and I just think, bring it on! Do a gig before or after us, toss a coin, I don’t care if we go on before you or after you, if you play on the same night as The Who, you are dead!

Concerten afgelast vanwege "tegenvallende kaartverkoop"

Volgens Contact Music is een tegenvallende kaartverkoop de reden geweest om drie concerten van Roger af te lasten.
Simon Fishwick, promoter van Powderham Castle in Exeter waar Roger op 24 juli zou optreden, zegt: "It's all to do with poor ticket sales, I'm afraid. It was an exciting event, but it just does not seem to have got anyone going. I'm disappointed for all those who purchased tickets."

Tourdata gewijzigd van Roger's tour

Er zijn wat veranderingen opgetreden in Roger's tourschema. De shows in Alcester (3 juli), Harrogate (17 juli) en Exeter (24 juli) zijn komen te vervallen. Daarvoor in de plaats treedt Roger op 3 juli op in de Civic Hall in Wolverhampton, en op 24 juli in de Indig02 Arena in Londen.

Er stond ook een nieuwe show gepland op 17 juli, in de City Hall in Sheffield, maar deze is vanwege een fout in de planning weer van de lijst geschrapt.


"Pete Townshend at 66: a remarkable rock legend"

PT2 In een blog op Big Hollywood kijkt Brad Schaeffer terug op het leven van Pete, in het kader van zijn 66e verjaardag.

"Townshendxe2x80x99s compositional range boggles the mind.  From soulful blues to hard rock to flights of acoustic whimsy to psychedelic mind odysseys, he has explored it all.  Want to trip out? Amazing Journey.  Classic power chords? Wonxe2x80x99t Get Fooled Again.  Need to smile? Squeeze Box.  Feeling like an outsider?  Ixe2x80x99m One.  Rebellious? My Generation. Soul-searching rage? Behind Blue Eyes. Politics? White City Fighting. Comfort? Let My Love Open The Door. Domestic bliss? Love Ainxe2x80x99t For Keepinxe2x80x99. Restless freedom? Going Mobile. An unapologetic anthem? Baba Oxe2x80x99Reily. Sexual ambiguity? Rough Boys.  On and on.  Name an emotion and Townshendxe2x80x99s touched upon it in an anthology that stretches over forty-five years.  Has any other modern composer mastered so many styles and voices?"

"Through it all, from the 60xe2x80x99s London club scene, through Woodstock, Live Aid and even  Super Bowl XLIV, Townshend has made an unparalleled mark.  At sixty-six he seems to be coasting towards his twilight years with a quiet dignity that belies his rebellious youth image that now seems out of place for a gifted master."

Schandaal opgerakeld door media


De media besteden aandacht aan de autobiografie van Pete. Ze kunnen het niet nalaten om het schandaal m.b.t. Operation Ore in 2003 te vermelden. The Sun meldt o.a. "The memoirs that landed Pete Townshend in hot water with police will finally be released. The Who rocker was infamously embroiled in a child pornography scandal in 2003 after accessing obscene material on the internet. He was cautioned by cops for using the illegal sites as part of his research for the tome, prompted by his own childhood traumas".

De NME spreekt van een "paedophilia tackling autobiography".

Nu.nl heeft ook een artikeltje.

Als titel van het boek wordt Who He? genoemd.