Terugblik op Who-concert Indiana Beach 1968


JCOnline.com kijkt terug op het concert dat The Who in 1968 in Indiana Beach gaf.

"I was one of the lucky ones that was there that night in 1968 being amazed by The Who. I've not been to 'The Beach' for many years, but if the ballroom were basically untouched to this day, I think I could still show you the marks on the wooden post that were a result of Pete Townsend breaking his guitar in half at the end of the last song for the night. That was always part of his personal show for many years. While so impressive to a teenager, I was always thinking, 'Man, what a waste!' I can also remember their drummer, Keith Moon, breaking a head on his snare drum and a crew member crawling out on stage as fast as he could with a replacement drum, swapping the two and back he went. This was all while they were in the middle of a song and he barely missed a beat. .."

Roger over het optreden op GuilFest

Get Surrey heeft een interview geplaatst met Roger, n.a.v. het optreden op GuilFest.

Daltrey zegt o.a. dat hij nog niet gaat stoppen met zingen: "If I stop singing at my age, my voice will just go – it’s not like a guitar string where you can just get another one. I just want to keep singing in case Pete ever decides he can get back on stage with his hearing".

Over de show in de Royal Albert Hall: "I’d never done what I would consider a live solo show in the UK before, I’d been guests on things but it’s never been my own show. I’d done it in the States but not here. I didn’t even know whether we would have an audience and I was very surprised the show sold out the fastest of any for the whole week".

Herinneringen aan eerdere optredens in de buurt van Surrey: "We didn’t used to play many gigs in Surrey. We used to do Reigate, Redhill and Crawley, and I’m sure we played Guildford in the past but I don’t remember anything about it.There have been never really been many places to play in Surrey".

Ook steekt hij zijn bewondering voor Liam Gallagher weer niet onder stoelen of banken: "I really like Beady Eye. I think Liam has done a great job with that band. I’ve got a real soft spot for Liam – he’s a great guy. He had to prove it to himself that he could do it without all the booze and the crap and he’s really cleaned himself up.

Alice Cooper over drinken met Keith Moon


Alice Cooper vertelt in een interview met The Daily Mirror over Keith Moon.

"There was only one rule at our club. Out-drink the other members and be the last man standing – which wasn’t easy with Keith Moon around. We had an alcove at the Rainbow Bar in Los Angeles. Me, Keith Moon, Micky Dolenz, Ringo Starr and John Lennon whenever he’d had a fight with Yoko. Those guys could drink. When you party with Keith Moon your body really knows about it – one time he stayed with me for a week, and I literally wasn’t allowed to sleep for seven days.

“Keith was like a battery that never ran out. It got to the stage with Keith where I’d hear he was in town and hide somewhere because I couldn’t face another bender. That was the pace in Los Angeles at the time with all those guys. You’re so deeply entrenched in the rock and roll situation – you have hit records, and all the money you could ever need for your life, and people expect you to be in rehab, or hospital, or partying, or in jail.

“But I watched on as my friends, one at a time, died as a result of it. Some of these guys never stopped, every day was an adventure. I started to realise that either I had to stop eventually, or I would die. It was as simple as that"..


Pete en Mick's kleine Jagger – in de media


De opmerking van Pete over de geslachtsdelen van Mick Jagger heeft The Sun bereikt.

"Pete Townshend has come to the defence of Mick Jagger and his alleged tiny todger. Last year Keef Richards claimed his Rolling Stones bandmate was severely hampered in the trouser department. But Who rocker Pete says that's not the case at all. And he's talking from first hand experience.

Pete is currently penning his own memoirs which will be out next year. I trust he'll keep the size of bandmate Roger Daltrey's old man to himself".

Yankees Daily haalt het citaat eveneens aan.

"I guess since Pete Townshend was in a band for a gazillion years,he spent time with the Rolling Stones so he saw Mick Jagger’s bird too. Here’s the funniest part of what Pete Townshend saysx85That’s funny how he just came out and said it like that, “it is not just the balls that are big.” Also, Pete Townshend revealed that he knows how it feels to be a woman back in 1990×85 “I know how it feels to be a woman” he said in a book. If he feels that way, then I guess he’s the moral authority on penis size!"

Gigwise meldt tevens: "The Who’s Townshend said it was disappointing that Richards’ comment had overshadowed the book"

AOL Music mijmert verder: "The circumstances under which Townshend was privy to Sir Mick's crown jewels remain unexplained, so we'll have to take the legendary fret-worrier's word for it. However, given the antics this pair of 60s musical pioneers have engaged in over the years, it's a pretty safe bet that the windmilling guitarist knows what he's talking about."

WMMR Rocks heeft duidelijk meer van het interview gelezen. In hun artikel wordt ingegaan op de samenwerking in het verleden tussen Pete en Mick Jagger, o.a. op het Stonesalbum Tattoo You.

"Who-sessie" op Zwarte Cross festival

Op zaterdag 16 juli zal er in de Undercovertent op Zwarte Cross een 'The Who' sessie gehouden worden door  Wout Kemkens van Bloody Honkies en Shaking Godspeed, Laurens Mul van Bloody Honkies, Erik Harbers van Woost, Dave Von Raven van The Kik en The Mad en Ries Doms van the Kik. Het Zwarte Cross festival vindt plaats op 15, 16 en 17 juli. Meer info op Festivalinfo.

[bron: Louis Gossieau]

"Super Edition" van "Quadrophenia" in oktober

Het lijkt er toch van te komen, de Special Edition van Quadrophenia. Op zijn blog op de officiële site schrijft Pete dat hij momenteel bezig is voorbereiden van een heruitgave van de rockopera. De releasedatum zou ergens in oktober moeten zijn. Hij is bezig met het schrijven van liner notes en het doorspitten van zijn oude demo's. De uitgave zal namelijk "some real quirky tracks that didn't make it onto the final album" bevatten.

Bobby Pridden is een aantal nummers aan het remixen in surround sound, terwijl Jon Astley zich bezighoudt met andere songs.

"You are going to love it", schrijft Pete, "because I am missing this summer sunshine to get it completed on time".