Pete: "I can't write hit songs anymore"

The Daily Mail heeft een artikel met citaten uit het interview dat Pete gaf met BBC Radio 2. Het eerste deel wordt vanavond om 23 uur (Nederlandse tijd) uitgezonden.

Over het schrijven van nummers:
Today I just wish that when I walk down to my studio I could sit at my piano and be able to organise my thoughts, pull out one of the sheets of lyrics I have got in front of me, finish the song, record it and put it out on an album“.

Het gelukkigste moment in zijn leven:
Possibly the last gig we did on [the 1989]tour was in London at the Royal Albert Hall I couldnxe2x80x99t have been more happy. I was the happiest I have ever been. I had three million quid in my pocket and I never had to see them again. I was in paradise. I remember being in the shower afterwards and just crying with joy“.

besteedt een artikel aan de ruzie tussen Pete en Roger tijdens de opnames van Quadrophenia. heeft dezelfde citaten, en meldt dat Pete toegezegd heeft volgend jaar te gaan touren.


"Can't Explain" – 4 DVD set

Op 26 september komt de 4DVD-set Can’t Explain uit. Dat is te lezen op

We were too rough at the edges to be a pop group.’ Roger Daltrey

This is the true story of The Who tracing their rise from humble West London roots through to international superstardom. Featuring a masterful and comprehensive text packed with great photographs of the band, this unique production also includes four documentary DVDs packed with candid audio interviews with band members compared and contrasted with the views of a leading team of music journalists, insiders and musicologists.

This uncensored and independent title has not been viewed or approved by the band or its management and is completely free to tell the unvarnished story of The Who as it really happened.

The contents of this amazing book and DVD combination are completely essential reading and viewing for Who fans everywhere

Of dit de moeite waard is, moet nog blijken. Er zijn een aantal DVD’s op de markt van dit kaliber. Kijk bijvoorbeeld naar The Who Under Review (hier).

Pete interview op BBC Radio 2

Dinsdag 23 augustus is Pete te horen op BBC Radio 2. Om 23 uur (Nederlandse tijd) praat hij over zijn carrixc3xa8re.

Pete Townshend gives a full, frank and fearless account of his career as a musician and his life in the rock business. Going back to his childhood, he remembers being on tour with his father’s glamorous dance band and how the safety of those years gave way to something darker when his parents separated. Those childhood traumas led him to become a storyteller and a consummate guitarist.

“There was something a bit vengeful about it. I thought, when I finally do emerge, you’re going to know about it. I was smaller than everybody else, I didn’t shoot up in height until I was 17 – they were all having sex, I didn’t kiss a girl until I was 18… but I knew I needed to be in a gang, and the gang was the band.”

Pete reflects on the birth of The Who, the mods, and he remembers their brilliant, well connected managers: wild, posh Kit Lambert and suave, beautiful, Chris Stamp – the perfect marriage of West End and East End. He talks about the rage of The Who’s music, about learning to be showmen, and turning up the volume “so we didn’t get heckled by the yobbos in the audience.”

Believing that pop music needed a spiritual dimension, and that the Beatles had failed to deliver anything meaningful, Pete remembers wanting to do something “audacious” with Tommy. It was “about the stories that I grew up with in my neighbourhood… stories of sexual abuse, of bullying, of post war violence. What I’d touched on was deeply personal. I was MY story, it was where I was at.”

Pete also shares a vivid account of the psychedelic years and of the horrors of Woodstock, whilst in the second part he will speak candidly about the money, the fabulous fame, the drinking and tensions in the band”

Roger over Steven Tyler

Tyler Roger is momenteel in Boston, zo weet Hij bracht een bezoekje aan de 'stemdokter' Steven Zeitels, voor een controle. Ook had hij een bijeenkomst met de producenten van American Idol. Roger gaf aan geen interesse hebben in de rol van jurylid. Hij vindt dat huidig jurylid, Aerosmith-zanger Steven Tyler, het prima doet. Eerder, in mei 2011, meldde The Examiner dat de producenten Daltrey in het vizier hadden als jurylid.

"God bless him, I really like him. I saw him a couple of years ago and he’d just come off the wagon and he was not in a good way. And I saw him last year because we did a thing for Steven Zeitels in LA to raise awareness for the research he’s doing over there at Harvard and Steven had got the job on ‘American Idol’ and he was a different man. His confidence had come back. He was so together, the most I’ve ever seen him together, so it’s been incredibly good for him", aldus Roger.