Feesten met The Who in 1975

Cleveland.com tekent het verhaal op van vier tieners, die in 1975 de gelegenheid kregen om een afterparty van The Who bij te wonen. Het feest vond plaats na het concert dat The Who op 9 december in het Richfield Coliseum gaf.
“As the evening made its way into the homestretch, Kid Leo strolled up to Moon and introduced himself. The Kid extended his arm for a handshake, but the drummer whipped out a pair of handcuffs, slapped one end onto the DJ’s wrist and shackled the other end to an unsuspecting female standing nearby“.


Spirit Music krijgt rechten Who-muziek

Spirit Music heeft de rechten verworven van alle nummers van The Who. Dat meldt Newswire. Pete heeft een overeenkomst getekend, waardoor de rechten van alle nummers uit het verleden, maar ook toekomstige nummers (“Floss” wordt genoemd) bij deze muziekuitgever komen te liggen.
Pete gaat intensief samenwerken met Spirit Music: zo zullen de Who-albums de komende twee jaar opnieuw uitgebracht worden.
“Townshend and Spirit are planning a busy 2012, focusing on reintroducing the deeper song catalog and building The Who brand in partnership with cutting edge directors, producers and tastemakers across the media landscape. (…..) A series of retrospectives for The Who’s most celebrated albums are expected over the next two years leading up to a global celebration of the band’s 50th anniversary in 2014“.
Pete meldt over de overname door Spirit Music: “I am very excited about my new relationship with Mark Fried and his team at Spirit. I feel that my song catalogue is at last consolidated with one guiding company, and I’m optimistic that Spirit will keep my music in the public mind. Further, the deal provides me with the resources to start all over again in my creative career – most songwriters don’t get this kind of opportunity, a chance of creative renaissance. I am passionately committed to new projects for rock and for music theater and I can’t imagine a better company with which to be building a new creative life for myself.

Nieuws over Simon Townshend

Simon Townshend

Simon gaat op tour en dat is te merken aan de aandacht van de media.
Bedfordshire on Sunday kijkt uit naar het optreden van Simon op 13 februari.
This Is Grimsby heeft een interview met Simon. Hij speelt op 16 februari in deze plaats.
I’m very much looking forward to coming to Grimsby, I haven’t played in a small club in such a long time. I will be on for an hour-and-a-half and I can’t wait to have a real connection with the audience. (…) By the end of this April I will have done 40 gigs. Energy drinks keeps me going on tour, as well as the pay cheque!“. Hij verheugt zich al op de fish & chips in Grimsby. “I do love fish and chips and I can’t wait to try them out in Grimsby. A chip shop has opened near where I live, so I’m pleased I can pop out and grab some.
The Daily Post kijkt alvast vooruit naar het optreden dat Simon op 28 maart in Portmeirion geeft.
Ents24 stelt Simon 10 vragen. We leren o.a.: “I can juggle, I can walk on stilts and I can spin plates. But I can’t do it at the same time. I am a club pilot which qualifies me to fly hang-gliders and paragliders, solo. Not many people know that

Recensie uit 1975 over Who concert in Cleveland

Bij het overlijden van journaliste Jane Scott, heeft Cleveland.com een recensie van een Who-concert uit 1975 herplaatst. Scott schrijft over het concert dat The Who op 9 december 1975 in het Richfield Coliseum gaf.
There was a silence and Daltrey began singing the touching “See Me, Feel Me.” Suddenly red, pencil-thin light beams swung out from behind stage across the Coliseum. Then green lights. Lights swung down from the back top wall. Then roving white lights swung over the audience. The fans were on their feet with 38,000 arms waving. It was probably the most exciting rock theater effect I have ever seen“.

Een aantal unieke foto’s van het concert zijn hier te bekijken.

Joe Walsh over touren met Pete

Joe Walsh

In een interview met de San Diego Reader praat Joe Walsh o.a. over Pete.
The James Gang opened for the Who when they performed Tommy in Europe. Pete and I are in the same zip code in terms of writing music and playing guitar. He had taken me under his wing as kind of a mentor. But during Tommy, he’d locked into a certain amp/guitar setup for touring, and he got stuck there. It was time for him to move on and I sensed that.”
“I had a beauty, and I gave it to Pete, and I had an old Fender amp (a ’59 Fender Bandmaster) that I gave to him. He used both to write and record Who’s Next. There’s songs in that guitar. You sit down with it, and stuff just comes out of you“, aldus Walsh.

Something Else over "Slit Skirts"

Something Else besteedt aandacht aan het nummer “Slit Skirts” van Pete.
“Opening in a writerly way x97 like you’d just barged in during a rare moment of doubt from a guy too old for some of the nonsense of youth, but too young to be calling it quits x97 “Slit Skirts” showed Townshend’s craft could evolve away from bloody-fingered riffing“.

The Who bij "Most-anticipated tours of 2012"

De Toronto Sun heeft een lijst gemaakt van “most-anticipated tours of 2012”, tours waar men het meeste op zit te wachten. The Who staat er ook tussen:

“Guitarist Pete Townshend says he wants to take Quadrophenia on the road. In September, singer Roger Daltrey told me he’s happy to tour with Towser anyway, anyhow, anywhere — provided the guitarist doesn’t deafen himself in the process. Given that, along with Townshend’s mercurial nature, who knows how this will go. Either way, is it really a Who tour without Moon and the Ox?

Daarnaast worden ook o.a. de Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Roger Waters en de Beach Boys genoemd.