Pete: "Mick Jagger is the only man I've wanted to fuck"

Deze opmerking uit “Who I Am” wordt natuurlijk ook uitgebreid door de media herhaald.
Artikelen door o.a. NME, Pink News en GigWise.


Media over "Who I Am" en schandaal (2003)

Een greep uit de andere artikelen die verschenen zijn n.a.v. het boek en Pete’s uitspraken over het “Operation Ore”-schandaal.

Irish Independent:
Pete Townshend, The Who’s guitarist, claims he paid for child pornography to prove British banks were complicit in channelling profits from paedophile rings. Talking about his arrest for child pornography, Townshend described his decision to pay $7 to download images of abused youngsters was ‘insane’ but said he had been trying to investigate the industry“.

CTV News herhaalt in grote lijnen het persbericht, maar voegt uitspraken over grootmoeder Denny toe.
She wouldn’t let me have a lock on the door, which was terrifying. She had one guy that looked like Adolf Hitler, with a little moustache, his hair brushed to the side and a withered arm. He would sit me on his lap and I had to call him uncle. I don’t want to say I was sexually abused just because it’s convenient to explain why I’m so … complicated, but I also don’t want to deny that what feels to me happened, did happen. Not that I was brutally raped, but something very creepy was going on.

Fox News:
Townshend said he planned to show that the sick industry of child sex spans from Russian orphanages to British banks. But when word of his illicit web work got out, he says in his memoir, he was ashamed and distraught. “If I had a gun I would have shot myself,” Townshend wrote of the experience in his memoir. “It really did feel like a lynching.” Police confiscated Townshend’s computers and files, and found nothing incriminating. But his reputation was in tatters“.

The Telegraph:
Pete Townshend, The Who’s guitarist, claims he paid for child pornography to prove British banks were complicit in channelling profits from paedophile rings“. Daarnaast is op de site ook een opinie-stuk te lezen, waarin de schrijfster zich afvraagt of zij “this lame defence” moet geloven.

The Guardian:
“I felt I had an understanding, and I could help. What I did was insane,” he told the Times newspaper. He said he intended to reveal the financial trail of child abuse from Russian orphanages to British banks by paying a xa37 fee to access a child pornography site with his credit card, which he cancelled immediately, but he fell foul of officers investigating the sites as part of the FBI-led Operation Ore crackdown. He said he felt attempts to try to clear his name following the scandal would prove futile. “I’ve had the misfortune to read online comments where I’m judged as a paedophile because I’ve got a big nose,” he said.

The Daily Mail gaat uitgebreider in op de zaken.
“Asked how seriously he considered suicide, Townshend said it was ‘only for a moment’ but added that he had despaired because he was not given any sense that the truth behind his actions would come out. He added that he had since been plagued by fears that the publicity could lead to baseless further accusations. Townshend explained: ‘Imagine three or four girls coming along and saying, “I had sex with Pete in the Sixties, when he was 25 and I was 12”. I know it didn’t happen, but when you’re a pop star people say all kinds of things. I get lots of pictures of children with big noses who claim I’m their dad“.

Ook zegt hij dat de opmerking over de penis van Mick Jagger in zijn boek, met opzet geplaatst is.
“According to The Times, Townshend describes Jagger as ‘very well-endowed’ after clocking him in loose pyjama-style trousers without any underwear in 1969. Speaking about the revelation, Townshend said: ‘I did do that very deliberately. Let’s hope it gets the same amount of publicity second time round.

NME en The Mirror herhalen het persbericht van AFP.

The Telegraph: Why Pete is still rocking

The Telegraph heeft een uitgebreid artikel over Pete. Het “Operation Ore” schandaal uit 2003 komt uiteraard weer ter sprake.

The 67-year-old Who guitarist wants to explain what really happened. He puts it down to “White Knight Syndrome”, which is apparently brought on by being too eager to help others. It was, says Pete, his keenness to help counter the child pornography trade that made him give his credit card details to a supplier of such material. Those who believed his previous explanation that he was “researching” child abuse will doubtless believe this one, too, while those who don’t are likely to remain sceptical

De schrijver gaat dieper in op de achtergronden en de jeugd van Pete.
From one of these interviews came the telling observation: “He is arguably the first rock star Freud would have loved.” And here might lie the key to everything. In I Can’t Explain, which The Who recorded in 1964, Townshend writes: “I’m getting funny dreams again and again / I know what it means / But I can’t explain.” That Townshend is a troubled soul is no secret. And if it was, his whole oeuvre blows it. Before The Who, pop songs tended to deal in quick-burst declarations of love, happiness and heartbreak. Townshend took the genre into the realms of trauma and incomprehension.

He has spoken of being “psychologically triggered”, possibly by the experience of abuse when he was young. “I had the sense that there was some stuff in my childhood that was difficult and strange,” he has said, “but I couldn’t remember it. I’d spoken to a few therapists, who said: ‘If you’d been abused you would remember it – you wouldn’t have blacked it out,’ although one did say, ‘What you could have blacked out is some abuse you enjoyed’.

Rolling Stone recensie "Who I Am"

Rolling Stone is de eerste met een recensie van Pete’s boek “Who I Am”. Het boek wordt “extreem openhartig” en Pete stelt zich soms misschien wel té kwetsbaar op, tot het ongemakkelijke aan toe, zo valt te lezen. Het boek krijgt 4,5 ster van de Rolling Stone.

It’s strange to think of Pete Townshend feeling as self-conscious as any of his gawkiest teenage fans. He also has profound doubts about himself as an artist, a lover, a father. (He prints a sad note his daughter sent in the early 1980s, saying she missed him after hearing “You Better You Bet” on the radio.) His tone is less lofty than anyone would have expected, just as this book is more honest than any fan would have hoped. Maybe nobody knows what it’s like to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes – but Who I Amis as close as we are likely to get“, zo luidt de conclusie.

In Nederland is het boek vanaf 8 oktober verkrijgbaar.

Pete: "Ik wou me voor het hoofd schieten na beschuldiging"

De Belgische krant De Morgen besteedt aandacht aan “Who I Am”. Ook het pedofilie-schandaal uit 2003 wordt ter sprake gebracht.

“Had ik toen een wapen gehad, ik had mezelf voor het hoofd geschoten om aan de lynchpartij te ontsnappen. Ik denk dat ik uitgeput was. Van de politie kreeg ik een halfuur de tijd om te beslissen of ik al dan niet een rechtszaak zou inspannen. Mijn advocaten waren net zo verrast als ik, iedereen dacht dat ik met rust zou gelaten worden. Indien ik naar de rechter was gestapt, zouden ze me verscheurd hebben.
Toen er een journalist voor mijn deur stond, zei ik ‘I’m fucked’. ‘Nee’, zei die, ‘alles komt in orde’. Maar hoe? Het hele incident was het nieuwsitem van de dag en het voelde aan als een lynchpartij. Niemand leek de waarheid te willen achterhalen. Ergens las ik zelfs dat ik wel een pedofiel moest zijn omdat ik een grote neus heb”.”

Pete spreekt voor 't eerst over pornoschandaal (2003)

2003 was een zwart jaar voor Pete en de fans. Nu de uitgave van zijn langverwachte autobiografie “Who I Am” nadert, spreekt hij in The Times voor het eerst over het schandaal. Om het volledige artikel te lezen moet je geregistreerd zijn. Persbureau AFP heeft een artikel. Volgens eigen zeggen leed Pete aan “white knight syndrome, an attempt to be seen to be the one that’s helping

Nog een citaat. ““I had experienced something creepy as a child, so you imagine: what if I was a girl of 9 or 10 and my uncle had raped me every week? I felt I had an understanding, and I could help,” he said.
Townshend said he cancelled the payment to the child porn site immediately. He said he was investigating in order to show that child abuse has a financial chain that runs from Russian orphanages to British banks Police examined Townshend’s computers and files under the Operation Ore investigation, but they found nothing incriminating, it said.
Asked why he had not spoken out sooner about the arrest, Townshend said: “Because there was no sense of ‘the truth will out’. I’ve had the misfortune to read online comments where I’m judged as a paedophile because I’ve got a big nose.”

Ultimate Classic Rock heeft ook een artikel.