Pete wil onuitgebracht materiaal overhandigen aan British Library

Pete is van plan om meer dan 2000 nummers of gedeeltelijke nummers over te dragen aan muziekexperts, wanneer hij merkt dat het einde van zijn leven in zicht is. Dat meldt ContactMusic. Hij heeft ondertussen al gesprekken gevoerd met de British Library en de Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. “I’ve already spoken to the British Library and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I don’t have the time or inclination to weed out the crap myself, and there’s some real shit in there


Who's Olympische optreden op vinyl

De set die The Who speelde tijdens de sluitingsceremonie van de Olympische Spelen wordt gelimiteerd uitgebracht op vinyl. Dat meldt SuperDeluxeEdition. De LP, “Music For The Closing Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games” wordt op 19 november uitgebracht en er zullen 1000 exemplaren van beschikbaar zijn.

Op de A-kant staan “Baba O’Riley”, “See Me Feel Me”, “Listening To You” en “My Generation”, op de B-kant staat “Early Morning Cold Taxi”. Dit is een outtake van “The Who Sell Out” en werd geschreven door voormalig Who-roadie Cy Langston.

De plaat is exclusief verkrijgbaar via UVinyl.

NME over Alice Cooper-tribute

De NME heeft een recensie van de “Raise The Dead”-tour. Tijdens deze tour brengt Alice een eerbetoon aan vier overleden vrienden van de Hollywood Vampires, waaronder Keith Moon. Cooper speelt “My Generation” tijdens de show.

The ’70s were hard on all my friends. The biggest names went down the hardest. They lived fast, they died young. They left their musical mark on all of us. I hung with them. I drank with them. I rocked with them. We were the Hollywood vampires. We ruled the night. Jim. John. Keith. Jimi. It’s time to raise the dead“, aldus Alice tijdens de show.

"Who I Am"-nieuwsberichten

Enkele nieuwsberichten m.b.t. “Who I Am” van afgelopen dagen:

The Daily Telegraph heeft een recensie van het boek. Het boek krijgt 2 van de 5 sterren.
“The main difficulty with this book, as those lines indicate, is more one of personality. He describes the “polarities” of his ego as “artistic grandiosity” and “desperately low self-regard”. There is occasional evidence of the latter – “I could also behave, frankly, like a complete arsehole” – but it is generally overwhelmed by the former“.

The Huffington Post heeft een interview met Pete.
The backbone of the book is about why I felt so differently to everybody else. I was at art school before The Who, and had very little interest in the fame or the money, and very little interest even in rock and roll. What I did have tremendous passion in, when The Who started out, was the function of the song. In a sense, it is [the audience] ,”who have to tell me what it is you want me to write. And since I’ve become a big rock star, with a big head, and a big everything else, what happens is you don’t tell me that stuff anymore, so I have to guess.

Monkey Picks
kijkt terug op de interviewsessie in Londen, en een bezoek in de pub met Dougal Butler, Doug Sandom en Richard Barnes.

Critics at Large heeft een recensie van “Who I Am”.
As frustrated as it made me from time to time, I couldn’t wait to get back to it. I couldn’t stop reading it, but every chapter made me want to throw up my hands and say, ‘Pete! For cryin’ out loudx85wake up and smell the coffee!’

Disability Now recenseert het boek eveneens.
He has clearly lived with mental health issues for much of his life: Bipolar, clinical depression and massive episodes of anxiety have all played their part

Informatie over mono "My Generation" besteedt nader aandacht aan de herkomst van de tapes van de nieuwe mono-versie van “My Generation”. Deze12-track CD komt op 19 november uit.

As some of you will be aware the original UK mono mix is previously unissued on CD outside of Japan, where it was included on a pricey box set and as a standalone CD with bonus tracks back in 2008. The mastering used in Japan was by Jon Astley, from Shel Talmy’s original mono tapes.

Universal Music have confirmed that this is NOT Jon Astley’s remaster and so will be different to what appeared on those Japanese releases. This new release appears to be a new remaster, with the tapes from Universal’s tape library ‘baked’ recently for the playback and mastering process. We can exclusively reveal that the image above is one of the actual tapes used for this new mono CD, although it is not yet clear who did the new remastering.

From the image we can see that this tape was created 32 years ago (almost to the day!) and is a copy, rather than the very original master tape.”

"Who I Am"-recensie op heeft een recensie geplaatst van “Who I Am”.

Many readers, especially those with a long-held interest in the Who, may be frustrated by Townshend’s concerns. He deliberates on minor matters, then glosses over enormous events. (…) The death of drummer Keith Moon barely takes up one page in a 500-page book, and while that may be one of the most discussed episodes in Who lore, the point of a book like “Who I Am” is to get a personal perspective on such events. This would have been a good opportunity to reflect on that loss with the benefit of 34 years’ distance. Instead, Townshend sounds oddly flippant, and quickly recruits a replacement, reconvenes the band, and launches a new tour. “Throughout my life I haven’t been able to feel any great emotion when someone close to me dies,” he explains. “It’s a terrible defect that makes me appear cold-hearted. I’m sure it’s my own weird way of coping.”