AltSounds over “My Generation”-covers

AltSounds besteedt aandacht aan slechte coverversies. Zo belichten zij ook diverse coverversies van “My Generation” op hun site. De versie door Hilary Duff uit 2005 moet het vooral ontgelden. Rolling Stone Magazine heeft deze versie ooit omschreven als “Slechtste cover óóit”.

Het artikel bevat ook wat achtergrondinformatie over het nummer.
‘My Generation is a song synonymous with The Who. Many artists have covered it in the past but it always has and always will remain a true Who classic. Rumour has it that the track was inspired by none other than the Queen Mother who is alleged to have had Pete Townshend’s 1935 Packard hearse towed off a street in Belgravia because the sight of it offended her. Like that hearse in a busy road full of different cars, ‘My Generation’ is a song about finding a place in a society where you don’t quite fit in.

Much of the song’s success is down to this simple concept. Every day people suffer exclusion issues and so ‘My Generation’ remains a song that people can relate to, whatever the year may be. Considered one of the most distilled statements of youthful rebellion in rock history, the tone of ‘My Generation’ lends itself well to the punk rock genre but the original also included influences of American R&B and a familiar poppy chorus“.


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