Interview met Simon Townshend

Spinner heeft een uitgebreid interview met Simon Townshend op hun website.

Over Pete’s boek “Who I Am”: “I did read his book. He sent me a draft before it was released. He wanted the whole family to have a copy and I was really keen to read it straight away to be honest, which I did and I learned a few things about him and his breakup with his wife and stuff that perhaps I didn’t know before

Over het touren als voorprogramma van Heart: “I think the audience become endeared to a single guy on a stage on his own, entertaining — and if you can pull it off. I’ve had years of experience where I’ve worked really hard at this solo thing — it’s something that I love doing. The audience is on your side, assuming that they like the style of music — and I think they will. It slots into the category for the Heart support, hence that’s why I got the gig“.

Over het signeren na afloop van zijn optreden: “What I plan to do in spectacular style is leave the stage from the front, obviously announcing I’m signing CDs — and walk down the aisles, giving away some free download cards and then go to the back of the hall to the merch stand and sign as many CDs as I can before Heart come on“.

Over problemen in de familie: “I had a year of quite a bit of turmoil in my family life. I love my family. I’ve got three kids and they’re getting older and one of them got led astray. I don’t like to say too much, but it’s been a hard year. My other son, he lost a child, so last year I couldn’t help writing. It was inspirational and, for me, the best medicine is writing because it heals me in some strange way. I don’t know why. It just does


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