Gesigneerd Who-materiaal ter veiling

Fraser’s Autographs heeft een aantal Who-items ter veiling. Deze veiling loopt tot 25 april.

An excellent collection of Who items relating to The Who’s legendary “Who Put The Boot In” 1976 tour of UK football grounds. Items include a waterstained and somewhat soiled copy of “The Who By Numbers” LP (1975) signed by Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon on the upper cover, and by support act Alex Harvey and SAHB members Hugh McKenna and Ted McKenna on the rear. Two concert tickets (Swansea & Charlton) with some wear, though one signed by Alex Harvey and Hugh Mckenna on the rear. A mimeographed copy of the show’s running order listing all acts playing and showtimes, and a slightly worn copy of the classic ‘Bellboy’ programme, which includes Keith Moon’s signature over his notorious ‘Baggage Of The Month’ centerfold nude photo, as well as signatures from Entwistle and Daltry over their respective images. Despite the condition of some items, this remains an excellent collection at an attractive price. All autographs apparently obtained at the backstage parties for the Swansea and Charlton shows“.


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