Interview met Bill Curbishley

Op Youtube is een interview te vinden met Bill Curbishley, sinds de jaren ’70 al de manager van The Who. Dit interview werd gehouden met The Best You TV.

Het eerste deel is hier te vinden, daarna verder klikken aan de rechterkant.


Top 10 van liedjes over water

Ultimate Classic Rock gooit er nog maar eens een top 10 tegenaan. Deze keer eentje met nummers die het thema water hebben. Op nummer 1 staat “Water” van The Who.

“You can’t have The Top 10 Water Songs without ‘Water.’ This often overlooked Who tune gives you insight to the two things Pete Townshend thought were essential in the early ’70s: “water and maybe somebody’s daughter.” Actually, the angry song was conceived as part of the aborted ‘Lifehouse’ rock opera (which became a mere collection of great songs for 1971’s ‘Who’s Next’). In Townshend’s original storyline, pollution has run rampant under a totalitarian regime and drinking water is a luxury. ‘Water’ eventually saw release as the B-side to ‘5:15’ in 1973, and it has been included on subsequent editions of ‘Who’s Next’ and ‘Odds & Sods.’

Andy Johns (61) overleden

Producer Andy Johns is gisteren op 61-jarige leeftijd overleden. Dat melden diverse media, waaronder,, en Noise11. Johns was de broer van Glyn Johns, die verantwoordelijk was voor o.a. “Who’s Next”. De precieze doodsoorzaak is nog niet bekend, maar vlak voor zijn dood werd hij in het ziekenhuis opgenomen vanwege problemen aan zijn lever.

Andy was degene die in 1971 de Lifehouse-concerten in het Young Vic Theatre heeft opgenomen.

Greg Lake over samenwerking met The Who

In een interview met Ultimate Classic Rock praat Greg Lake ook over de samenwerking met The Who in 2004.

“Of course, the Who will never be the Who without John Entwistle and Keith Moon, because they were such explosive characters that made that band explode and be what it is. But even when you’ve just got Pete and Roger together, you can still sense that that’s the Who. When you work with them, they are the Who, and everything about them, you can understand how the music was what it is.

They’ve just got this way of working, and Pete in particular is extremely talented, musically. He’s a fabulous player, he’s a really good singer, and he writes well. He’s a great writer. He sat down and played me some of his solo stuff that he’s been working on, and it’s really marvelous, almost Gershwin-esque music. His father used to be a big band leader, so that’s why when you listen to him play guitar, it’s very punctuated. It’s like brass, playing brass section in a big band. That comes from his father, you see“.

Roger over het zingen na operatie

Naar aanleiding het optreden dat Adele gaf tijdens de Academy Awards, na haar stemoperatie, besteedt de New Yorker aandacht aan dokter Steven Zeitels. Ook Roger komt in het artikel aan het woord. Hij zong tijdens de Half Time Show van de Super Bowl in 2010, slechts weken nadat hij aan zijn stembanden was geopereerd.

It was like a footballer coming back after a broken leg. You’re nervous going for those really high notes. Again, you have to build up the confidence that you can do it. At first, you don’t want to go near them… So that kind of nervousness did creep in. I could hear it in Adele when she sang at the Grammys last year. She sang beautifully, but being a singer and knowing her voice, I could hear the same thing with her. I could feel her not being confident to give it the wallop that she usually did. And I totally understand why. It’s like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do that to myself again.’“.