Greg Lake over samenwerking met The Who

In een interview met Ultimate Classic Rock praat Greg Lake ook over de samenwerking met The Who in 2004.

“Of course, the Who will never be the Who without John Entwistle and Keith Moon, because they were such explosive characters that made that band explode and be what it is. But even when you’ve just got Pete and Roger together, you can still sense that that’s the Who. When you work with them, they are the Who, and everything about them, you can understand how the music was what it is.

They’ve just got this way of working, and Pete in particular is extremely talented, musically. He’s a fabulous player, he’s a really good singer, and he writes well. He’s a great writer. He sat down and played me some of his solo stuff that he’s been working on, and it’s really marvelous, almost Gershwin-esque music. His father used to be a big band leader, so that’s why when you listen to him play guitar, it’s very punctuated. It’s like brass, playing brass section in a big band. That comes from his father, you see“.


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