Top 10 van liedjes over water

Ultimate Classic Rock gooit er nog maar eens een top 10 tegenaan. Deze keer eentje met nummers die het thema water hebben. Op nummer 1 staat “Water” van The Who.

“You can’t have The Top 10 Water Songs without ‘Water.’ This often overlooked Who tune gives you insight to the two things Pete Townshend thought were essential in the early ’70s: “water and maybe somebody’s daughter.” Actually, the angry song was conceived as part of the aborted ‘Lifehouse’ rock opera (which became a mere collection of great songs for 1971’s ‘Who’s Next’). In Townshend’s original storyline, pollution has run rampant under a totalitarian regime and drinking water is a luxury. ‘Water’ eventually saw release as the B-side to ‘5:15’ in 1973, and it has been included on subsequent editions of ‘Who’s Next’ and ‘Odds & Sods.’


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