Recensie “Who I Am”

Hispanic Business heeft nog een recensie over “Who I Am”.

“It quickly becomes clear a third of the way through “Who I Am,” the 16-years-in-the-making memoir from the frontman of the legendary British rock band The Who, that Townshend spent the bulk of his life as a walking contradiction. Proud one moment, self-loathing the next, Townshend simultaneously pursued artistic challenges while privately questioning the wisdom of doing such. The quest for creativity took its toll. Family life nearly becomes out of the question as he succumbs to the all-too-usual temptations that haunt famous rock stars.

What’s missing in “Who I Am” is what shaped the man into the artist. Townshend is hardly the only entertainer who’s battled inner demons. Yet while his contemporaries are categorized as a disposable product of their era, Townshend’s work which includes “Tommy,” “Quadrophenia” and dozens of songs stands the test of time nearly a half-century later. Why is he one of the few artists to do that? In his 1977 composition “New Song,” one lyric suggests the purpose of the memoir:  “Whenever you see me, You treat me like I’m some kind of perfect man…“.  “Who I Am” proves Townshend is far from that. It’s a shame he can’t explain why he’s also exceptional.


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