Interview met Pete over Teenage Cancer America

Samaritan Magazine heeft een interview geplaatst met Pete. In het interview praat Pete vooral over de liefdadigheidsorganisaties waar hij bij betrokken is, zoals Teenage Cancer America en Who Cares.

In America, I was present at the Washington Press Club [luncheon, Nov. 12, 2012] when Roger did his first pitch for this new charity, which I’m a patron of. I’m Roger’s sidekick [laughs]. He’s really driving it. It’s called The Who Cares. It’s Teenage Cancer America. What this is about, it’s a bit impudent of us to come over here and start lecturing Americans about the standard of their cancer care because, of course, their success rate is much, much higher than ours in the UK. However, what they don’t have is a way of treating teenagers, people between the age of 13 and 19, treating them separately from children or other young adults. What they are missing the way that those teenagers can support each other if they have special wards. And that’s pretty much it in a nutshell”

“Roger did the most incredible pitch at the Washington Press Club, which is worth going back and researching . It was moving. When it came time for me to speak, my eyes were full of tears. I couldn’t believe he was so eloquent on the subject, but he’s also passionate.
He gets down and dirty. He goes to hospitals; he visits people; he talks to young cancer patients [see video below]. And while I was in Washington, I met three kids who had treatment for brain tumors. They all very much supported what Roger said. They said that when they were in treatment, they felt lonely; they felt isolated; they felt either mixed up by the grieving moms who were worried about their babies or old people who smelt of pee. It’s a great cause


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