Concert in Amsterdam gefilmd voor DVD

Niet alleen het concert dat The Who in de Wembley Arena in Londen geeft wordt gefilmd, ook dat in de Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Dat heeft Simon Townshend gemeld. De band zal beide shows dezelfde outfits dragen. De beelden die in Amsterdam gefilmd worden, worden gebruikt voor de close-ups.


“The Who seem invincible”

The Birmingham Mail heeft een recensie van het concert in Birmingham.

“They finally nailed it. Forty years after releasing the album that Pete Townshend acknowledges is their masterwork, The Who at last gave Quadrophenia the live treatment it so richly deserves.             
Thanks to the added video this show was literally a resurrection – not only was the music of Quadrophenia allowed to take centre stage, the late John Entwistle got to deliver a show-stopping bass solo on 5:15 and Keith Moon seamlessly gave us his glorious live rendition of Bellboy, a mere 35 years after his untimely death.

Playing with an intensity and conviction that would shame a band a third of their age, Townshend and Daltrey also ripped through a selection of classics, including Who Are You?, Pinball Wizard, Baba O’Riley and Won’t Get Fooled Again. Almost fifty years after they started playing together, The Who seem invincible. See you next year for the Lifehouse tour, lads?

Recensie Birmingham

Vrijdagavond speelde The Who in de LG Arena in Birmingham. Pete plakte nog een improvisatie vast aan het einde van “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Tijdens “5:15”, dat eveneens langer dan normaal was, had hij gitaarproblemen en hij hield de gitaar boven zijn hoofd.

Roger: “Thanks for coming here and not Glastonbury!”
Pete: “Well you can go tomorrow and watch The Rolling Stones.”
Publiek roept “boe”
Pete: “You yobbos booed Princess Diana. You bunch of cu*ts! I liked her, did you Rog?”
Roger: I’d ov shagged her!”
Pete ligt in een deuk
Roger: “Mind you, I’d ov shagged anyone!
Pete: “She went down well in Ireland too!”

De Express & Star heeft een recensie van het concert.
“The expanded eight-piece band’s triumphant and enthralling show opened with I am the Sea and The Real Me with Daltrey in fine microphone twirling form and Townshend delivering his trademark windmill guitar chords, both belying the fact that they are in their late sixties

Op Trevor’s Blogs staat een uitgebreide recensie.

“When the band’s writer goes solo” heeft een artikel over de solocarrière van Pete.

“(..) the other members of The Who were crucial to that band’s sound too – each member a soloist, an individual, a huge personality; essentially that band was four virtuosos arguing over one another to be heard. But you’re kidding yourself as much as Daltrey probably (still) does if you don’t think it was Pete’s band. Anyway, Townshend’s solo albums have some okay moments, but there’s not a lot to separate out what he was doing with The Who. His solo records seem to exist to shift backlog as much as anything. Extra ideas; more than one of his albums is the musical equivalent of a DVD that existed purely for the deleted scenes. So often that’s the case when the writer of the band goes solo – unless they make the break completely“.

Pete heeft spijt van helikoptergrapje

In 2007 trad The Who op tijdens het beroemde Glastonbury-festival. Shirley Bassey trad daar ook op. Pete maakte het grapje dat hij hoopte dat haar helikopter zou neerstorten. Even later maakte haar helikopter een noodlanding in een weiland.

Op 25 juni 2007 schreef Pete op zijn website:
“Monday, June 25, 2007
Dame Shirley – the Rise and Fall
Glastonbury. Dame Shirley Bassey. Nice boots. Great voice. Orchestra a little out of tune in the damp and chill. Even so she triumphed. What a smile. How do you do that kind of
smile? She is only a tiny bit older than me (she might even be younger). Roger tried to top her. I tried to top her. We failed. So we did the next best thing. We rigged her helicopter

Contactmusic citeert Pete uit The Times, waarin hij zegt spijt te hebben van die opmerking. “Our challenge was a strange one: Shirley Bassey. She went on before us and did a storming set, full of humour and irreverence – at the age of 70 she went down on her knees and got back up again, which I tried and failed to do – and it was like we were following Elvis. When she came off someone said to me: ‘Good luck following that’. And I replied – joking, I should add – ‘I hope her helicopter crashes.’ And it did! She… had to make a landing in a field.”

Fanverslag Manchester

Gareth heeft op het Who Chat Forum wederom een verslag geschreven:

“Something very special happened last night. The Who were dangerous and ferocious; more physical and unrelenting. From ‘Is It In My Head’ onward they were outrageously good. ‘5.15’ had extended solo’s and Roger adlibbing for longer; ‘Sea and Sand’ was longer; ‘Drowned’ was just incredible – the band have been working to build the song at the end of Pete’s ‘hurricane’ adlib and sometimes the timing is out. Not last night. It built and built and as Pete screamed ‘Bring on the f**kin hurricane’ the band exploded – orgasmic is the only way to describe that particular moment! Then ‘Bell Boy’ finally had just about everybody standing and Moonie got the ovation he deserved. ‘Dr. Jimmy’ was threatening, ‘The Rock’ awe inspiring (again) and ‘Love Reign O’er Me’ probably the best I have seen this tour – but that goes for ‘5.15’, ‘BO’R’ and ‘WGFA’ as well.

Baba – Pete lost it! Just moments before the ‘Don’t cry…’ part his guitar went out of tune and he took it off and launched it about 20 feet toward Alan Rogan; and it wasn’t an underarm throw either! Fantastic moment!

The band knew they had played to an extremely high standard and this made the band introductions a lot of fun especially when Rog described Pete as a ‘fu**ing genius’ then told him not to get big headed and threatened to put him ‘back in his box!’

An amazing evening. Is it possible this band can get any better? I would put money on it!