Interviews met Pete

Vanavond gaat de Europese tak van de “Quadrophenia & More” van start in Dublin. heeft een interview met Pete geplaatst.

“I really love playing all of [Quadrophenia]. It’s a unique piece for me in that. Some Who music is nightmarish to perform live. Roger has some very tough songs to sing, and he must have preferences. But for me on guitar everything falls under the fingers. It flows naturally, and I always feel proud of my achievement as the writer, that I put it all together and gave the band a third wind. The real high point for me is always the final song ‘Love Reign O’er Me.’ Roger and I now stand almost alone together, representing not only the original band, but also its Mod audience, and of course all our other early fans. We are connected by it, in what is the most clear cut prayer for redemption, and it feels like an acknowledgment that rock music has managed to deal with the highest emotional challenge: spiritual desperation“, aldus Pete.

De Globe and Mail heeft eveneens een nieuw interview met Pete. Dit gaat vooral over de nieuwe musicalversie van “Tommy” in Stratford.

“When I sit through a theatre version of Tommy, I’m taken back on that journey of what the music once did, and, in bits, still does. The songs are a representation of what we’ve been through, and, as the composer, it’s a fascinating place to be“.


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