The Telegraph over Dublin

The Telegraph heeft een recensie geplaatst van het concert gisteravond in Dublin. Het concert krijgt 4 van de 5 sterren.

“Rarely without his trademark grimace, in the Sixties and Seventies guitarist Pete Townshend was the original tortured rocker, on stage not because he craved attention but because it was his only means of working through a deep-seated angst. Beneath the blue-eyed good looks and showman strut, singer Roger Daltrey, too, appeared more conflicted than was usual for a performer of the era. He thundered and howled where other vocalists might have settled on a bluesy yelp, making him the perfect foil for Townshend’s storm-tossed rockouts”

(..) There was an outbreak of boyish glee among the grizzled attendees as The Who delved into standards Pinball Wizard, Baba O’ Riley and Won’t Get Fooled Again, each primal and epic yet illuminated with a bittersweet sensibility rare in arena rockers of any epoch. The rest of the band dispatched to the wings, the concert concluded with Daltrey and Townshend alone and performing Tea and Theatre, the wistful sign-off from 2006’s Endless Wire comeback album. “We did it all – didn’t we?” rasped Daltrey, sounding, for the first time all night, every one of his 69 years“.


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