BBC besteedt aandacht aan “Quadrophenia”

De BBC besteedt aandacht aan “Quadrophenia” en heeft een interview met Roger en Pete met een videoreportage.

Pete: “I’ve always said that what makes a great rock band is that it leaves space for the listeners to insert themselves into the story. That’s happening in this show, I’m very aware that when I’m performing to the audience, they’re getting something from it that I’m not giving them“.

Roger over Keith: “You really get something coming from Moon that I think most people overlook, because people tend to think he was this madman, this clown, all the time. But when you see him singing Bell Boy, there’s this joy in his eyes but there’s also the pathos of the song, and it’s incredibly emotional to watch

Pete: “I can’t imagine being luckier than to get to this place in our lives when we’re both pushing 70 and we’ve got this great music – and we also feel very lucky to be friends.


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