Fanverslag Newcastle

Op het Who Chat Forum plaatste Gareth dit verslag over het concert in Newcastle.

“What can I say? Bloody marvellous! Roger and Pete seemed in very good spirits as they ventured out in a very warm Metro Arena and struck the opening chords of ‘The Real Me’ and the place started rocking and never stopped! Roger did struggle from about half way in due to his hay fever, commenting ‘I’ve taken so many decongestants I’ve dried myself out!’ But the guy never ever gives in and this tour has given me a whole new appreciation of him – chest pumped out and going for every damn note… 110% or nothing for Rog!

Pete had a few technical problems with his guitars, so much so I thought one might meet an untimely end especially when he aimed the headstock at a monitor – but alas they all survived! Pete aimed a gaze, a nod and a smile at Roger when he sang ‘I’m dressed up better than anyone… within a mile!’ In ‘Drowned’ when the band stop for a couple of beats for the line ‘…and boiling in the train’ Pete’s guitar made a strange sound which gave us ‘What the f**k was that?’ from him and had Simon and Pino creased up laughing.
Pino was awesome last night as again was Scott. John disappeared for a few seconds in 5.15 – well he did used to get bored didn’t he!

The Arena was very warm indeed and this had an effect on Pete – he was drenched as was Roger and it seemed to tire him out. We had to wait for ‘You Better You Bet’ while a fan was found to cool Pete down which brought the following exchange:

Pete: ‘I need a fan’
Roger: ‘There’s few down here!’


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