“I wonder if they’ll be as good as this when they get old”

Rush On Rock heeft een recensie van het concert in Newcastle. Aan de hand van lyrics van “Tea and Theater” wordt het concert besproken.

“(…) the pair played the gentle, unheralded Tea And Theatre from 2006′s Endless Wire.
After 110 minutes of finely crafted Herculean rock, it shouldn’t have worked but it did. Gloriously.  “Jumped every wall, instinctively.” Well actually no. They catapulted them with a performance which didn’t just roll back the years but at times, defied time.
The surviiving duo’s homage to late colleagues John Entwistle and Keith Moon was as poignant as any such tributes I’ve ever witnessed, featuring a trademark solo from the bassist’s archives during a breathtaking 5.15 and Moon coming to life during an appropriately madcap Bell Boy as he shared vocals with Daltrey, who, I swear, had tears in his eyes as he gazed at the big screen.

The band played Quadrophenia straight through after which Townshend greeted the audience – “those from both sides of the rivers because I’ve got family from each,” he said. A nice touch. I wonder if they’ll be as good as this when they get old“.


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