Recensies Newcastle

Sky Tyne And Wear heeft een recensie van het concert in Newcastle.
And while the sands of time inevitably do their work on the appearance of the only two Who members left standing, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, it could do nothing to blunt their voices or take the edge off their rock and roll soul.
Townshend still played his guitar like he did back in the day, and Daltrey still swings the microphone in great arcs around his head – the only change being the arm whirling around contains a few more wrinkles and grey hairs

Ook The Journal heeft een recensie.
“Active since 1964” states the band’s Wikipedia page – and that, I can tell you, is true.
They may curse their youthful fondness for songs with high notes, but you had to admire the energy of these two men on a sultry night. For about two solid hours – 1973’s Quadrophenia in its moody entirety plus some other favourites – Daltrey gave vent to one of rock’s great anthemic voices and Townshend, in a checked shirt that gradually darkened, gave his guitar and famous whirling right arm a punishing workout.
(…) Footage of the band’s “late and lamented” added poignancy. There was bassist Jon Entwistle, grey-haired and inscrutable; and bellowing away on Bell Boy, Keith Moon showing why it was always safer – though not by much – to keep him behind the drum kit.
A large crowd soaked it up, a goodly number of irrepressible dads rocking in a manner fit to embarrass their kids. There was no chat until Quadrophenia’s dying fall. Townshend thanked everyone for coming. “We know times are hard,” he said (and he won’t have heard a lone voice near me splutter: “£65 a ******* ticket!”)
At the last the famous pair stood alone, Daltrey with mug in hand, quietly performing Tea & Theatre. Brains and beauty are part of The Who’s secret along with the head-banging rhythms. This touching late period song underlined the point.


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