“The Sound of Heil”

News-Leader heeft een artikel over Bob Heil. Met zijn bedrijf Heil Sound ontwikkelde hij apparatuur voor gebruik op het podium. Hij gaat het nu wat rustiger aan doen.

Ook voor The Who leverde hij apparatuur.
“Not long after, Heil got a call from The Who. They had just finished a show in the United States and it went horribly — their PA system wasn’t good. Heil said a newspaper headline after The Who’s first concert read: “The Who is Dead.” Heil’s crew was in Chicago with Chaka Khan, but they rented a Boeing 707 jet to meet The Who in Boston the next day. Heil said his sound system was a success. “Between the Grateful Dead and The Who, we really woke up the world,” he said.

In 1973, Pete Townshend of The Who asked Heil to create a system for quadraphonic sound. Heil recalled that Townshend said, “You build it, I’ll write it.” Heil did build it, and The Who album “Quadrophenia” was made.


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