Fanverslag Manchester

Gareth heeft op het Who Chat Forum wederom een verslag geschreven:

“Something very special happened last night. The Who were dangerous and ferocious; more physical and unrelenting. From ‘Is It In My Head’ onward they were outrageously good. ‘5.15’ had extended solo’s and Roger adlibbing for longer; ‘Sea and Sand’ was longer; ‘Drowned’ was just incredible – the band have been working to build the song at the end of Pete’s ‘hurricane’ adlib and sometimes the timing is out. Not last night. It built and built and as Pete screamed ‘Bring on the f**kin hurricane’ the band exploded – orgasmic is the only way to describe that particular moment! Then ‘Bell Boy’ finally had just about everybody standing and Moonie got the ovation he deserved. ‘Dr. Jimmy’ was threatening, ‘The Rock’ awe inspiring (again) and ‘Love Reign O’er Me’ probably the best I have seen this tour – but that goes for ‘5.15’, ‘BO’R’ and ‘WGFA’ as well.

Baba – Pete lost it! Just moments before the ‘Don’t cry…’ part his guitar went out of tune and he took it off and launched it about 20 feet toward Alan Rogan; and it wasn’t an underarm throw either! Fantastic moment!

The band knew they had played to an extremely high standard and this made the band introductions a lot of fun especially when Rog described Pete as a ‘fu**ing genius’ then told him not to get big headed and threatened to put him ‘back in his box!’

An amazing evening. Is it possible this band can get any better? I would put money on it!


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