Pete heeft spijt van helikoptergrapje

In 2007 trad The Who op tijdens het beroemde Glastonbury-festival. Shirley Bassey trad daar ook op. Pete maakte het grapje dat hij hoopte dat haar helikopter zou neerstorten. Even later maakte haar helikopter een noodlanding in een weiland.

Op 25 juni 2007 schreef Pete op zijn website:
“Monday, June 25, 2007
Dame Shirley – the Rise and Fall
Glastonbury. Dame Shirley Bassey. Nice boots. Great voice. Orchestra a little out of tune in the damp and chill. Even so she triumphed. What a smile. How do you do that kind of
smile? She is only a tiny bit older than me (she might even be younger). Roger tried to top her. I tried to top her. We failed. So we did the next best thing. We rigged her helicopter

Contactmusic citeert Pete uit The Times, waarin hij zegt spijt te hebben van die opmerking. “Our challenge was a strange one: Shirley Bassey. She went on before us and did a storming set, full of humour and irreverence – at the age of 70 she went down on her knees and got back up again, which I tried and failed to do – and it was like we were following Elvis. When she came off someone said to me: ‘Good luck following that’. And I replied – joking, I should add – ‘I hope her helicopter crashes.’ And it did! She… had to make a landing in a field.”

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