“When the band’s writer goes solo”

Stuff.co.nz heeft een artikel over de solocarrière van Pete.

“(..) the other members of The Who were crucial to that band’s sound too – each member a soloist, an individual, a huge personality; essentially that band was four virtuosos arguing over one another to be heard. But you’re kidding yourself as much as Daltrey probably (still) does if you don’t think it was Pete’s band. Anyway, Townshend’s solo albums have some okay moments, but there’s not a lot to separate out what he was doing with The Who. His solo records seem to exist to shift backlog as much as anything. Extra ideas; more than one of his albums is the musical equivalent of a DVD that existed purely for the deleted scenes. So often that’s the case when the writer of the band goes solo – unless they make the break completely“.


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