“The Who rock Liverpool – and their fans love it!”

The Liverpool Echo heeft een uitgebreid verslag van het concert dat The Who gisteravond in Liverpool gaf.

From the outset, the band are relentless, with Daltrey bouncing around the stage, swinging the mic by its lead and Townshend slicing at his guitar with his trademark windmills. (.. ) The band is only small, but as there are more cymbals on the drum kit than there are musicians, the entire Arena thumps as each track storms into the next.
A slight bit of respite from the deafening roar comes with the acoustic overture of I Am One (accompanied by Townshend’s Joe Cocker-esque vocals), but that soon descends into rock pandemonium.  And the late John Entwistle’s bass solo on 5.15 –  projected onto the big screen – is absolutely jaw- dropping virtuoso stuff.
An amazing gig, and as you sat through the video montage of momentous events from the year they formed through to now, you got a feeling that this band will never die, just as their music never grows old“.


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