“There’s no way they are done!”

De Liverpool Daily Post heeft nog een recensie over het concert in Liverpool (30 juni).

“This is The Who – the affinity was there before they walked on stage, the Echo Arena echoing with the chant “Who, who who!”, making it sound like a group of excitable monkeys had swung in for the gig. The auditorium almost crackles with energy as the band perform with as much gusto as their younger selves, who, with svelter figures and lineless faces, play on the giant screen behind them.

Daltrey and Townshend were left alone on stage singing “The story is done […] A thousand songs still smoulder now. We played them as one – we’re older now”. It would have been a melancholy ending if you didn’t get the feeling that, older though they may be, there is no way they are done“.
[bron: Rob Reijnierse]


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