Verslag over show in Londen

In het ‘literary supplement’ van The Times staat een verslag van het concert dat The Who maandagavond in de Wembley Arena in Londen gaf.

“The actual concert (in which, of course, the two main stars, Daltry and Townshend are both pushing 70) was fantastic. As the son observed, it was great that they played Quadrophenia through from start to finish; because that somehow made it clear that they took the whole art form seriously, and they weren’t just out to play some greatest hits in a gesture to nostalgia.  If you were to do a bit of pretentious lit crit on it, you’d say that the performance was a rather clever set of commentaries on time, newness, memory and aging.

But for me, there was an even better finale. Tony is a bit of a mate of R Daltrey, so we went back stage and I actually met him. Blimey, if I had known 40 years ago that, aged 58, I would actually shake the hand of Daltrey, I’d have wept with pleasure and longing. As someone nicely pointed out on Twitter yesterday evening, it was maybe no bad thing to have to wait so long: if I had touched his flesh back then, I wouldnt have washed for a month


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