Voorstelling over Keith Moon

Acteur/muzikant/auteur Mick Berry heeft een voorstelling geschreven rondom Keith Moon. Dat meldt San Francisco Weekly.

De voorstelling, getiteld `Keith Moon: The Real Me‘, gaat onder andere over de wilde levensstijl van Moon. “[Moon’s] legacy is being wild. That’s what he’s known for, and it overshadows his drumming. People forget how musical he was. He played music. He didn’t just play to show off. He made those songs come alive“.

Maar ook de persoon erachter wordt belicht tijdens de voorstelling. “Look beyond the smashing. See yourself. See me — another bloke just like you. At bottom, you’re terrified you truly are no good, so you give everyone your worst behavior, hoping they’ll love you no matter what. Until you accept yourself, it’s a game you can’t possibly win“.

Berry wil met zijn show het rouwproces rondom de dood van Keith afsluiten. “He died unresolved. It’s really sad. My biggest hope for doing the show — I want to offer Pete and Roger or at least the idea of them, some resolution“.


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