Interview met Scott Devours (deel 2)

Op Long Beach Post is het tweede deel van het uitgebreide interview met drummer Scott Devours te lezen. In dit deel komen o.a. zijn vorige bands Oleander en IMA Robot ter sprake, maar ook de auditie voor Roger Daltrey.

“My phone rings, and Frank is saying, “Alright, your audition is Monday at 10 AM. Be at Center Stage…” I’m like, “What?” “I told you you were going to get an audition. You didn’t believe me but I’m calling you like I said I was. Here are the songs.” He gave me like seventeen songs. He’s like, “Bring a bassist.” So I was like, “What the fuck?”

“Frank was nice. He was like, “Hey, you did great. Roger liked you. He liked your look. You’re still in consideration.” Well, let’s hope everybody sucks tomorrow, and the next day. And he’s like, “Oh, by the way, Simon Townshend really thought you were great.” I’m like, “What?” He’s like, “Simon Townshend.” I’m like, “Townshend. Not Pete.” He’s like, “No Simon, his brother.” I’m like, where was he?” He’s like, “He was the guitarist, you dummy.” “That’s Pete’s brother?” He was like, “Yeah, he was the guy playing guitar. He plays with Roger.” I’m like, “I know Simon Townshend. I have his solo album. I love Simon.” He’s like, “He’s the guy who loves you. You guys were really getting along great.””


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