“The Who triumph at Wembley Arena”

GQ Magazine heeft een recensie over het concert in de Wembley Arena, afgelopen maandag.

“The Who closed out their Quadrophenia + More tour this week with a Refuge-benefitting final performance that not only showed up the tempered imperishability of Pete Townshend’s stadium-sized angst, but, through Roger Daltrey’s bold staging, brilliantly paid tribute to the people, places and times that produced it.

Quadrophenia (..) clearly remains the closest to Townshend’s heart. At the end, he bemoaned the fact his band’s fans had been “mostly men” and chided the largely male audience to to “Look within”. The Who certainly did that with this performance, brought to brilliant life by Daltrey’s still monumental vocal cords, and shadowed by the moving collaboration of their fallen players


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