“The kids say Pete’s alright’

Jeugdige fans van Livewire in Saltash werden na het concert in Liverpool uitgenodigd door Pete om backstage te komen. Pete steunt de instelling, die jongeren de kans geeft hun muzikale kwaliteiten te ontdekken en te ontwikkelen, al 13 jaar. Dat meldt This Is Sommerset.

“Pete was a perfect host and a genuinely humble and all-round nice guy. It really was a life-changing experience for the young people – and this not-so-young youth worker! It was a great opportunity to meet Pete and finally get the chance to thank him in person“, aldus de coördinator van Livewire.

De 15-jarige Reuben meldt: “The Who gig was absolutely amazing. I got to meet Pete Townshend and I saw the Who’s epic Quadrophenia and More show. (..) I would definitely count the show as the single greatest experience of my life and I will remember it forever!“.

De 17-jarige Liz voegt toe: “The Who gig – that was by far the best gig I have or will ever go to, they were absolutely phenomenal! Meeting Pete was really amazing. I shall never forget this night!”

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