“Annoying rock star behaviour”

Rolling Stone heeft een top 10 van irritant rocksterrengedrag. The Who wordt ook genoemd.

“Some artists have long catalogs of great songs, but their concerts tend to fall back on the same 15 songs they’ve been dragging out for decades. (…)  Tom Petty ell into this rut for much of the 2000s. He has enough songs to fill out an arena set and guarantee that they’ll return when he comes back two years later, but the whole thing got tired and thankfully, he wised up with his recent theater tour. Let’s hope that Elton John, Billy Joel, the Who and many others follow his example”

“Nobody wants to hear you solo. John Entwistle is basically the only man ever born who could make a bass solo entertaining, and he is gone; this window is closed, rockers“.


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