Recensie “Keith”

KQED heeft een recensie van de voorstelling “Keith Moon: The Real Me”, door Mick Berry.

Despite Berry’s experience on the stage, acting is not his strength, just as singing was not Moon’s. And like his subject, Berry has been poorly served by those who should have been looking out for him, in this case director Bobby Weinapple, who permits Berry to mug, mince and indicate his way through a series of maudlin monologues and pointless anecdotes that confirm all the clichĂ©s about Moon’s well-documented antics but tell us little about why rock’s greatest drummer was so self destructive. Keith Moon: The Real Me? More like Keith Moon: The Caricature

De voorstelling krijgt tot nu toe niet echt jubelende recensies. Keith’s voormalige assistent, Peter “Dougal” Butler, schrijft op Facebook dat hij het script “dire” vindt.


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