“The Who breathe new life into Quadrophenia”

Mojo heeft een recensie van het concert dat The Who op 15 juni in de O2 Arena in Londen gaf.

“On past form, an expanded Who line-up means a dilution of power (see: 1989’s everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Tommy tour).  But, tonight, the extra manpower needed to ‘do’ Quadrophenia never dilutes the Who’s brutish power.

Nor does it detract from The Who’s last men standing. This is very much the Daltrey and Townshend show. The guitarist, cutting a dash in spectacles and black hat and with a dandyish red hankie sprouting from his shirt pocket, suggests an odd combination of art teacher and street hooligan. He gurns, he grins, he grimaces and he windmills his right arm through 360 degrees every time he thinks the audience might be flagging.

Daltrey, with his toffee-coloured tan and shirt half-unbuttoned, exudes the air of an old Shepherd’s Bush villain back from Marbella for one last job (very Sexy Beast). But he commands the stage, foghorn-loud on The Real Me and The Punk And The Godfather, subtle and heartfelt on Sea And Sand“.

[bron: Rob Reijnierse]


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