“When it ended, I could barely speak”

Op Popmatters een verslag van een fan over het concert dat The Who in de O2 Arena in Londen gaf.

“They came on stage and started the album right away. There was no breather: about two and a half hours of a true Who experience. I used to say that the best concert I had ever seen was Roger Waters’ The Wall, but that now is up for questioning.

Nostalgia for lost days of youth where Roger Daltrey’s voice summarized all of my questions and fears through verses only Townshend could write (“Can you see the real me, can you? Can you?”) overloaded me and I was a kid again. When it ended, I could barely speak. I felt so alive I could only thank the odd circumstances that led me to London on a random, unplanned weekend, for they revived an old flame, or perhaps made me reconnect with a flame that never stopped burning“.


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