Roger: “Without teenagers, the music business would not exist”

De Rolling Stone heeft een interview met Roger. In het interview praat hij o.a. over zijn betrokkenheid bij het Teenage Cancer Trust, Doors-toetsenist Ray Manzarek en het solo-optreden vandaag in Costa Mesa.

“A singer has to sing. The Who don’t do enough gigs for me. If I stop singing at the age I am now, my voice will be gone within two years. So I’ve got to keep it going. It’s like a car engine you’ve got to keep running. I do solo shows and I love to sing Who songs. They’re my songs as much as they are Pete’s, in a way, and I have great fun doing them, love doing them. I’m a painter and decorator, what else do I do?

Roger zit te denken aan een solo-album: “I’m looking at doing a solo album, mainly because I want to keep singing and I don’t want to keep going out and doing Who songs, though that’s what people want at the shows I do. I go out and do corporate gigs. I keep a band together and they pay the wages, so I would like to do an album. It’s finding songs, because whatever I do the songs will be criticized unless they’ve got the Who’s meat and potatoes, because I’ve sung Townshend all those years. If I can get the songs, I’ll do something“.


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