“Stop ruining my favourite song!”

Op PolicyMic een uitgebreid relaas tegen het gebruik van Who-nummers in commercials en films.

“Walking down the street the other day, I passed a billboard for Jobs, a forthcoming horrible movie in which underwear model Ashton Kutcher will star in the first-penguin-off-the-cliff misfire (think Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center) to dramatize the life of the great innovator. The thought I had, aside from all that, was, “I hope they don’t use ‘Baba O’Riley’ in the commercial. God, they’re going to put ‘Baba O’Riley’ in the commercial, aren’t they.”  Yes, sadly, they did. Not two days after seeing the billboard, I saw the Jobs commercial, and sure enough, there was The Who’s masterpiece laid out yet again as a haggard come-on. But even here, in the banality of this commercial, it was hard not to get lost in one of my favorite songs: the organ making its glittering leaps, the analog precision of the synthesizer scattering pitch like a prism scatters light“.


3 thoughts on ““Stop ruining my favourite song!”

  1. Ja, jij was er tenslotte ook bij en die sprong komt mij heel bekend voor….:-))
    Je hebt wel een prachtig concert in de Ziggo gemist, maar als het goed is komt het op dvd uit….!

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