“Terrible rock covers: ‘My Generation'”

Ultimate Classic Rock besteedt wederom aandacht aan “terrible rock covers”. Na eerder al “Behind Blue Eyes” van Limp Bizkit genoemd te hebben, is het nu de beurt aan Hillary Duff.

“Sadly, no one involved with Duff’s ‘Generation’ was enough of a Who fan to prevent the recording of this cover’s soulless backing track, which scrubs out the original’s nihilistic aggression and replaces it with clattering drum machines, tinny guitars and drab synths, all squashed up against a busy background vocal arrangement that seems designed to disguise (or perhaps drown out) Duff’s voice.

Not that there would have been anything wrong with that. Singing with all the passion and urgency of a driving school instructor, Duff sounds like she might be reading the lyrics for the first time — lyrics that, by the way, were given an obnoxious revision, reversing one of the most brilliantly spiteful lines in rock history and leaving Duff to chirp, “Hope I don’t die before I get old.”


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