Roger: “I’d hate to think it is all over”

Uncut Magazine heeft een nieuw interview met Pete en Roger.

Pete praat o.a. over een tour bij het 50-jarig jubileum van de band, volgend jaar. “We will probably just tour and it’ll probably be the last big tour that we do. I wasn’t going to do a tour for the anniversary. (…)  So, anyway, for our 50th anniversary I won’t have much fun. But I think we need to go out, we need to celebrate it

Roger heeft een andere mening: “We’ve got no plans at all for next year. And I really mean that. I wish we did, because I could do with The Who at the Albert Hall in March. To me, so what? It’s 50 years. It’s lucky Pete and I are still here. As long as we can still do it, it doesn’t matter if it’s 51 years or 53 years. I’d hate to think it’s all over

Of er nog meer materiaal in de archieven te vinden is: “I don’t think there’s much else to screw out of it“.

Over het album met Wilko Johnson zegt Roger: “We just want to get something done in the studio as quick as we can. See if there’s any chemistry, see if we can make something a bit different. (..) So we’ll see“.


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