Roger over “Tommy”

Billboard heeft een artikel over de Super Deluxe Edition van “Tommy” met een live-opname van “Overture”.

Roger blijft benadrukken dat het album door de hele band gemaakt is, niet alleen door Pete. “Every bit of music on there was written by a group of people. Pete might have written the top lines of most of the songs, but all of the little bits and intricacies that were all a part of the group’s character belonged to the individuals in the group“.

Over het spelen van “Tommy” op het podium: “When we went out and played it for the first time the reaction was extraordinary because we wouldn’t let people clap for every individual song. That was like keeping the cork in the champagne bottle when you shook it up. So people sat down on the floor and listened, and by the end, when it came to ‘See Me, Feel Me’ and ‘Listening To You,’ they all just went nuts, completely crazy. It was a really weird thing. Along with the amount of drugs people smoked those days, it was quite a good night


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